Reader Email – Would You Rather Date A Girl 10 Pounds Too Skinny Or 10 Pounds Overweight?



Reader Email 

So my buddy and I were at a bar last night watching to Bruins. During the  intermission we saw two girls, one could clearly stand to drop 10 pounds while the other clearly could stand to gain 10 pounds.  So this brought up a question, woudl you rather date a girl who is 10 pounds too thin (not unhealthy thin)  or a girl who need to drop 10 pounds (not grossly overweight) ?  I’d rather go for the underweight girl because the overweight girl is teetering on the edge of being too heavy.



Wrong answer bro.   Give me the heavier girl every day of the week and twice on Sunday.   It’s the classic Maxim girl vs. high fashion girl.  Maxim girls are way more attractive.  WAY MORE.    Give me the curves.  Give me the tits.  Give me the ass.  And more importantly a heavier girl can always drop 10 pounds and become an instant smoke.   A girl who is too skinny either can’t keep her weight or has an eating disorder which will haunt her the rest of her life.  Headcase city.  No thanks.  Give me the fatty who likes to go out to dinner and then will suck a mean dick afterwards.   Way better to date.   No brainer city.  If you disagree with this then you’re just a fool who probably doesn’t know how to fuck right.

Vote 1 for skinny and 10 for America


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By elpresidente posted June 18th, 2013 at 3:50 PM

So I Guess Doc Emrick And The Rest of the Free World Got To See Me Cuckhold Big Cat On A Faceoff Last Night?


Why did I do it?  Because it’s the Cup.   That’s why.


BNAkgUGCMAAFv71.jpg large

By elpresidente posted June 18th, 2013 at 9:30 AM

Bob Kraft Absolutely Crushed It At Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club Party Last Night

The 40/40 Club 10 Year Anniversary Party - Red Carpet


The 40/40 Club 10 Year Anniversary Party - Inside


The 40/40 Club 10 Year Anniversary Party - Inside

the roc is in the building


It can’t be repeated enough how much swagger Bob Kraft has for a 72 year old man. Seamlessly works his way between the board room and the VIP room. If you lived under a rock you would have no idea which one of these guys is the rap mogul and which was the billionaire owner of a football team. Gronk who? It’s Kraft’s world and we’re just living in it.

PS – I see your right hand Mr. Kraft in picture #2

By feitelberg posted June 18th, 2013 at 12:45 PM

Nobody and I Mean Nobody Had More Fun At the B’s Game Last Night Than Big Cat


It’s videos like these that remind you how much it must suck to root for any city except Boston at anything.  NOT IN OUR HOUSE!    God it’s great to be a a diehard Bruins playoffs fan!   Faith rewarded.  The full video will be coming out tomorrow.

By elpresidente posted June 18th, 2013 at 3:16 PM

This Dude Is Absolutely Horrified Of Foul Balls


I can’t think of anything less masculine than seeing a ball coming your way and diving under the cover of empty seats. Come on dude. Locate the ball then make a play. Be a man for one second.

By feitelberg posted June 18th, 2013 at 4:22 PM

Facial City


By elpresidente posted June 18th, 2013 at 10:41 PM

Tuukka Stones Hawks As Paille And Bergeron Lead Offense; Bs Grab 2-1 Series Lead


After splitting two classic OT games in Chicago, the Bruins came home with a great chance to grab a commanding Stanley Cup Final lead. Thanks to another Tuukka Rask shutout, another game-winning goal from playoff hero Dan Paille, and yet another big goal from Patrice Bergeron, the Bruins are now halfway to their second Cup in three years, as their 2-0 win gave them a 2-1 series lead last night at the Garden.

The Bs once again utilized a strong defensive game plan in limiting the Hawks’ chances, got bodies and sticks in lanes, killed off five power plays, and absolutely dominated at the face-off dot (the Bs won 40 out of 56 faceoffs) to effectively choke the life out of Chicago’s high-flying offense. After a scoreless and choppy first, Paille pickpocketed Dave Bolland early in the second before snapping his fourth of the playoffs past a helpless Corey Crawford. Almost 12 minutes later, the Bruins took advantage of a power play to double the lead when Patrice Bergeron potted a sweet cross-crease Jaromir Jagr feed. And that would be all the Bruins would need.

Rask shut the door on Chicago when they were able to get behind the Bruins’ defense and withstood a game-ending barrage to preserve the shutout. You gotta imagine the Hawks are talking to themselves after managing just one goal in the last two games and without much hope in sight (i.e. Rask will be playing net again next game). The Bruins are just doing a magnificent job of nullifying Pat Kane and Jonathan Toews, limiting them to low-percentage shots and disrupting whatever flow they try to get going. Marian Hossa missed last night’s after being scratched after the Hawks took warm-ups.

The final period was basically the Bruins keeping the Hawks at bay and snuffing out any chances they could muster. More than win a game, the Bs—thanks in large part to Rask—may have planted a seed of doubt in Chicago’s collective brain about their ability to win. Because even when they can get through the Bruins blanketing D, they then need to beat the hottest goalie on the planet. The series is certainly far from over but it’s fair to say that Chicago has their work cut out for them if they’re going to capture their second Cup in four seasons. Game Four is tomorrow night at the Garden.

A few more buds for you Stanley Cup bowl…

*Bergeron’s goal was his seventh of the playoffs to go along with six assists. His seven goals has him tied for third in playoff goals. Two of them are OTGWGs. He was an incredible 24-4 on faceoffs.

*It’s impossible to overstate just how big of a free-agent signing Zdeno Chara was for the Bruins. He gives them a fearsome presence on the backline that alters how other teams (try to) attack the Bs. In fact, he might be the best FA signing in Boston sports history given what his signing eventually led to. He should also serve as a lesson for other teams that need to decide between a high-powered offensive player or a shutdown D.

*Peter Chiarelli is rightfully given ample credit for picking up Nathan Horton and Dennis Seidenberg in separate deals to help solidify their championship roster. But his move four years ago to grab Dan Paille for a third-rounder from Buffalo is also one of his great subtle moves. He took a speedy former 1st rounder and turned him into an excellent penalty killer/valuable bottom six forward that has been a key cog in this year’s run.

*Chicago has gone 122 minutes, 56 seconds without a goal—more than two complete games. This after not being shut-out once in 48 regular season games. Their power play has not scored once in 11 chances.

*I can’t say enough about how tough Horton has been this spring. Despite a painful shoulder injury, the top-line right-winger is second in playoff scoring and tied for third in playoff goals. Rather than relying on heavy slap shots and taking the body, he’s tailored his playoff game to take advantage of his speed and ability to find open spaces. The former Panther definitely raises his game come playoff-time and has been huge for the Bs despite not being 100% healthy.

*Some of the top NHL prospects took in the game last night, including possible #1 overall pick, American Seth Jones. I had a chance to have a quick chat with Jones last night and came away quite impressed. The kid is going to be a hell of a professional and whichever team ends up with him will be pretty lucky.

*Thanks to his stellar play this series, Rask has basically run off with the goalie stats lead. His 14 wins, three shutouts, 1.64, and .946 lead all categories.


[email protected]


By Rear Admiral posted June 18th, 2013 at 11:45 AM

I Can’t Decide Who Is Softer…Sidney Crosby Or This Little Kid Who Got Elbowed At the College World Series


This kid has to be the biggest pussy in the game right? Hey newsflash bro. There are cameras everywhere. That elbow didn’t even hit you. It hit the cup and the cup grazed your face. Oh you don’t believe me? Look at the tape. I even gif’d that shit.




So spare me the waterworks. You don’t want to get run over? Get off the tracks.

By elpresidente posted June 18th, 2013 at 1:20 PM

Alex Morgan Meets The Gronks


I felt like that was a scene straight out of Bull Durham.  I kept waiting for Gronk to pull a Nuke Lalush and be like “umm so do we fuck now?”

By elpresidente posted June 18th, 2013 at 10:40 AM

Who Did A “22″ Music Video Better: Dolphins Cheerleaders Or Saints Cheerleaders?










Beautiful song + beautiful girls? The only way these videos could get any hotter is if Taylor Swift herself was dancing around in a bikini with them.


Screen shot 2013-06-18 at 9.59.05 AM


1 for Saints, 10 for Dolphins

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By feitelberg posted June 18th, 2013 at 10:07 AM

Get A Load Of The One Eyed Bandit Picking Up Trash Inbetween The Double Header Like It Ain’t No Thing



Fucking Lucchino.   Just such a blatant over the top PR stunt right here.  Like look at me and my yellow gloves and grey suit pants and my USMC shirt picking up trash at Fenway.  Such a bandit move. Dude is probably gonna sell it as memorabilia tomorrow.   Haters gonna hate Bandits gonna slate.


- Thanks to Christian for pic

By elpresidente posted June 18th, 2013 at 8:30 PM

No Biggie….Aaron Hernandez to Be Questioned About a Murder



ABC – Massachusetts investigators plan to interview New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez in connection the murder of a man police call an “associate” of player No. 81, ABC News has learned. Hernandez’s jersey number is 81. Investigators are seeking a warrant to search Hernandez’s home in connection with the death, sources told ABC News. Hernandez has been uncooperative with police since the body of a 27-year-old man was found in an industrial park not far from the Patriot player’s North Attleboro home, two law enforcement sources said. A rental vehicle with Rhode Island plates was recovered near the scene, which led investigators to Hernandez, sources told ABC News.


Hey if Ray Lewis became a 2 time Superbowl Champion, the face of the NFL and a leading inspirational speaker by killing a guy maybe this isn’t the worst thing in the world?  I mean at least he’s not partying like Gronk.

By elpresidente posted June 18th, 2013 at 6:55 PM

The New Lebron’s Claim He’s A 2-Time NBA Champion

Screen shot 2013-06-18 at 1.15.16 PM




(Kix) The latest Nike LeBron X Low to surface is an interesting one, not only for its looks but the details. On the surface, the Nike LeBron X Low features a predominantly floral based pattern on the upper and even some detailing on the Black patent leather. It could be a nod to palm trees and South Beach, thus putting this colorway on par with those like the ‘Miami Nights’ Nike LeBron 8 Low and ‘LeBronold Palmer’ Nike LeBron 9 Low. But a further look at the sneaker may best describe what Nike had in plan for this colorway. A look at the insole of both sneakers reveals a “11-12, 12-13″ graphic in one foot and “2 Time Champion” in the other foot.


In case you needed another reason to root for the Spurs tonight, here you go. The new Nike Lebron’s leaked and they just happen to casually mention he already won the NBA Championship this year. Whoops. Some people will play the conspiracy theory card and say the NBA is rigged but it’s bigger than that. This is just typical Lebron. A guy who has had everything handed to him and shows up and expects to be great without having to do anything. What do you mean I’m not a 2-time NBA champion yet? I showed up, right? Give me my ring. I earned it because I’m here and everyone told me I was the best ever so that means I am.

By feitelberg posted June 18th, 2013 at 2:43 PM

Andrew Shaw Eye Gouging Nose Face Was Pure “Kitty Cat” Bullshit




BOSTONMarchand said that Shaw went for the Rowdy Roddy Piper eye gouge move as well when the Bruins agitator was down on the ice, and Marchand had the scratches on his forehead to prove it.

“It was a bit of a scrum there in front, and stuff happens in hockey . . . especially in the playoffs with tempers running high,” said Marchand. “When [Chara] is battling with their guy, everybody is going to come in, and things just happen. “Stuff happens. I’ve done that [punched a guy on the ice] before. The eye gouge is what I didn’t particularly like, but it’s part of the game. I’ve got a nice little scratch mark on my forehead from the claw marks from the . . . you know . . . kitty cat.”


Absolutely disgusting. Listen it’s not just that Andrew Shaw eye gouged a guy. It’s who he eye gouged. I mean love him or hate him you got to admit that Brad Marchand plays the game the right way. He plays it hard. He plays it clean. He plays it to the whistle. If he’s gonna fight you he’s going to fight you the right way. He’s gonna drop the gloves and fight like hell till somebody falls or the refs break it up. He’s not going to throw haymakers when a guy is on his back and he’s certainly not going to eye gouge you.  Seriously what is this the WWE? There is just no place for that type of kitty cat bullshit in this league. Hockey is an honorable game played by honorable men. Not for scumbags like Andrew Shaw who live to eye gouge. Makes me stick to my stomach and if you love the game of hockey it should make you sick too.

By elpresidente posted June 18th, 2013 at 4:59 PM

Barstool Local Smokeshow of the Day – Nikki


Introducing Nikki from Merrimack.    Body.  Oh my.


Do you know any smokes?  Send them to [email protected]

By elpresidente posted June 18th, 2013 at 6:25 PM

Ho Hum….Just A Giant Snake Opening A Door


I’M SICK AND TIRED OF ALL THESE MOTHERFUCKIN’ SNAKES OPENING THESE MOTHERFUCKING DOORS!!!   Listen I don’t care if this is staged. Don’t care if that wasn’t a real snake. Don’t care if it was alive. Don’t care if this never even happened. Don’t care. Because once snakes start opening doors and passing the word along to other snakes it’s lights out for civilization.  I’m talking King Cobras, Pythons and garden snakes just choking you out in the middle of the night.  Slithering all up in your shit.   It’s like Planet of the Apes only a billion times snakier.  And you know who else needs to be murdered?  The guy who said “Good Job” to this snake.  Encouraging him and shit.    He’s worse than the fucking snake.  Whose side are you on bro?  Don’t cry to me when you get eaten.  Snakes are like cats in that regard.  They’ll be your best friend till they murder you.

By elpresidente posted June 18th, 2013 at 2:09 PM

Don’t Worry, Lil Wayne Didn’t Trample That American Flag On Purpose

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 10.13.03 AM



I blogged this story yesterday on Chicago and felt it was my duty as a journalist to follow up on it. Just wanted to let you know that you can stop being mad at Lil Wayne, he didn’t step on the flag on purpose. It’s a scene where the flag drops behind him and it’s just there as he performs, so everything is cool now. Was there a flag on the ground and was he dancing on that flag? Doesn’t matter, that’s completely irrelevant at this point. The only thing that matters is that he did nothing on purpose and it’s not his fault. So we’re all good. Controversy erased.

By JMac posted June 18th, 2013 at 11:15 AM

Our Barstool Uber Deal Is Still Running Strong….



Click To Join Uber With Barstool


As a reminder our Barstool Uber deal is still going strong right now.   Uber is giving away a free $20 credit to Barstool users if you sign up through this link.  Yes you do have to be a new user to Uber.  Here is what you get. You get $20 off any Uber Service other than TAXI (so UBERx OR Black Car) Again you must sign up with this link to get the free $20 credit which you can use this weekend or any weekend.

Bottomline is this. Uber is better, faster and cheaper than a taxi. Their Black car option is better and cheaper than a car service. I guarantee you get hooked once you use it. It’s is like one of those inventions that you don’t even know how you lived without once you use it. Join Uber and thank me later.


Click To Join Uber With Barstool

By elpresidente posted June 18th, 2013 at 5:28 PM
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