NY Post - She tried arguing that she “faints,” and has anxiety, and even that her boy victim had enjoyed it. But there was no mercy this morning for Lina Sinha, the beautiful former headmistress of an Upper East Side Montessori school, who was finally sent away to serve at least 2 1/3 years in prison for her twisted and damaging sex affair with a student who was just 13… the victim, who grew up to be a New York City cop and had compellingly taken the witness stand, describing years of trysts on class furniture and in a field trip van with the Montessori School of New York headmistress he called “Miss Sinha.”…Sinha, 46, had until today remained free on bail, pending appeal, for the five years since a Manhattan jury convicted her of a depraved predation that might never have been exposed. The victim only came forward as a police officer in training, after he finally broke off their nine-year “relationship” in 2004 and Sinha embarked on a rampage of vengeance against her former boy-toy, including making bogus accusations of assault and rape and repeated 911 calls and Civilian Complaint Review Board allegations… “There was a love affair that continued,” the lawyer told the judge. “You heard the victim say he enjoyed the relationship. He found the relationship pleasurable. He expressed no damage, no harm.

Holy cow (pun intended), this is no mere Sex Scandal Teacher Story. This thing is some sitar music and Freida Pinto away from being a Bollywood blockbuster.  It has everything.  Hot Indian headmistress, love, sex, intrigue, revenge, sex, a cop, sex, crime, punishment.  And for once I find myself agreeing with a defense lawyer.  This future cop was no victim.  There was no damage, no harm.  The only reason Miss Sinha is in this mess is because she didn’t follow the rules of the Sex Scandal Teacher game.  When the kid grows up and wants move on, you don’t go all Stage 5 Clinger on him.  You replace him with someone younger the way they replace the little brother in a sitcom when he hits puberty.  Like how “Married with Children” brought in Seven when Bud turned 23. If she’d just kept her wits about her, she’d be making some other rich kid’s life worth living with her “depraved predation” instead of worrying if an orange jumpsuit makes her ass look fat.

The Grades:
Confession time: I found plenty of pictures of Lina, and about half of them made her not so much like Freida Pinto or even Kelly Kapoor than they did Apu from the Kwikie Mart.  I only chose the good ones.  So even though I admit I’m padding her stats, I’m giving her a solid Grade: B.
Moral Compass/Bad Judgment: Do you have any idea what a Montessori school costs? I looked into it when my first kid was preschool age and choked on my tongue.  Literally tens of thousands a year, even if the kid is only fingerpainting age.  Sex on classroom furniture and the field trip van is the least they should do for you.  Grade: A.
Intangibles: “Miss Sinner.”  Also, “Slutdog Millionaire.”  Grade: A.
Overall: A-. This year, the All Star Lineup will celebrate diversity.

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