New Jersey - A woman who was named Essex County, N.J.’s “Teacher of the Year” in 2011 has been suspended from her job after being accused of having sex with a 15-year-old student. West Orange High School teacher Erica DePalo, 33, of Montclair…is accused of having an illegal sexual relationship with a male student she taught in her honors English class… DePalo, who in addition to teaching English was also the junior varsity tennis coach, began a sexual relationship with the student on or about June 15…DePalo made a video after winning Essex County Teacher of the Year in 2011 and in it she said, “I don’t have any children. And I always say that I don’t have any children to go home and take care of, but every morning and every day that I go to school I have 110 children that are very near and dear to my heart.”

If you need proof that Americans are lowering our standards and punishing achievement, look no further.  Here’s an Honors English student and a Teacher of the Year making sweet, sweet illicit sex, and here we are hassling them for it.  These are exactly the kind of people we should be encouraging.  The doers.  The risk takers.  Those with the can-do spirit to push themselves to be the best.  While most teachers are content to just go through the motions, , push kids through the system like cattle through a slaughterhouse, collect a paycheck and go home, my girl Ms. DePalo was taking her free time, off the clock, to encourage one of her top students with the best incentive in the world: vagina.  Instead of arresting teachers like her to find the smartest kids in school and mate with them to breed a race of highly intelligent super babies.  A woman this hot, smart and depraved should have 110 kids, literally.

The Grades:
This chick is such a chameleon she’s driving me loco.  Every picture she looks different.  Is she a younger, much hotter Molly ShannonMegan Lullally perhaps? Or in that last picture, Joey Knish? I’m going by those first few pics and what I think are a nice rack and giving her a solid Grade: B
Moral Compass/Bad Judgment: C’mahhhnnn, Erica!  Where’s the details?  Were there any classroom trysts?  Sext messaging?  Porn tapes?  Orgies with classmates?  Christ, any backwoods podunk Florida SPED teacher can bang a 15 year old.  I expect better stories from an Honors English teacher, and Teacher of the Year winner.  Couldn’t we find out that the kid was on her tennis team at least, so I could break out the “love” puns and balls double entendres?  Up your game.  Grade: D+.
Intangibles: “…every day that I go to school I have 110 children that are very near and dear to my heart.” “…and at least one to my clitoris.” Grade: A
Overall: B- But since that’s mostly a “Looks” grade, she may be a Captain’s pick for the end of the year.   Like Jim Furyk making the Ryder Cup team.
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