Alabama - A married math teacher, 28, was arrested on Monday after she turned herself for an alleged affair with a 14-year-old male student. Alicia Gray, of Mobile, Alabama, was accompanied by her husband and attorney when she surrendered herself to authorities… Gray was booked into jail and charged with two counts of second-degree sodomy, one count of second-degree sexual abuse and one count of school employee having sexual relations with a student under the age of 19. The teacher, who worked at MGM High School in Mobile, was released two hours later after posting bail, but is due back in court in March. Police in Mobile have released few details about the arrest and said their investigation was “ongoing”. On the MGM High School’s website she described herself as “highly qualified in mathematics”

The best part of this whole story – apart from the fact that Alicia Gray is a hot little southern belle – is the part about the investigation being “ongoing.”  Because if this is all we’ve got, what a crushing disappointment it’ll be.  Sure, the charges sound promising.  2nd degree sodomy has to mean hummers, right?  The rest could mean just about anything.  But we’ve go so little else to go on.  I bet the boys on the Mobile PD can scarcely even jack it to a police report that scant on details.  Like DeNiro told C in “Bronx Tale,” the saddest thing in life is wasted talent.  So hopefully we’ll get more.  Maybe nude pics.  Classroom sex.  Eyewitnesses.  Or best of all, we find out the kid looked just like that handsome stud from Weymouth Jr High who got his picture in my Terrell Suggs post.   You can bet a kid with those kind of smoldering good looks pulled teacher tail as hot as Mrs. Gray here.

The Grades:
Top picture: A younger, much hotter Kellie Pickler.  The middle one: Prime, “Something About Mary” era Cameron Diaz, before ARod ruined her for good.  Either way, she is an easy Grade: A
Moral Compass/Bad Judgment:
Bringing her husband along to complete the absolute publick cuckolding is usually a guaranteed A.  But I’ve got to deduct points for lack of details.  Sorry, but she’s got to work harder.  Grade: B-
Since Alicia is so qualified in mathematics, she should be able to solve PT = SST – S x 2(S0) x 1(SA) x 1 (SR) if  SST stands for Sex Scandal Teacher and is equal to 29, S stand for Student and is equal to 14, So is Sodomy, SA is Sexual Abuse, SR is Sexual Relations with a student and PT represents her Prison Term.  Grade: B
Overall:  B
But I’ll revisit this one to see if the story gets better.
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