'Seductress': Police say Brooke Domel (bottom) had multiple sexual encounters with a male student in 2012

TexasA high school teacher in Texas has been busted for having sex with a student. Police arrested 32-year-old Brooke Lynn Domel in the parking lot of the Wharton Independent School District’s administration building on Monday. The married mother of two faces a second-degree felony charge of an improper relationship between an educator and a student. Wharton police started looking into the case in May after receiving tips that Domel had sexual relations with a male high school student. Investigators were told that the illegal trysts happened numerous times in 2012, but never on school property… The superintendent refused to comment on whether Domel will continue teaching at the school. Her contract was renewed for the upcoming school year—prior to her arrest. The teacher was placed on administrative leave before school closed for summer vacation. Domel is still listed as staff on the school’s website. She taught classes on floral design, landscape management, and animal science… But parents think the teacher crossed the line. “You should never ever approach a student that way,” said Debra Arias. “I’m sure the parents know that and I’m sure they’re very upset.”

So much potential.  So, so much potential.  The face of a former Texas beauty pageant contestant.  The hair of a 70s Cowboys Cheerleader.  A body that would match up with any of the Sex Scandal Teacher legends.  And easily the silliest job title in the history of GtNSST.  She should be one of the greats.  As in Hall of Fame-worthy.  I just need more to go on.  I mean, “sexual relations,” “illegal trysts” and “numerous times” are all just so… average.  We could find that in any news report about any arrested teacher, whether she looks like Kinsley Wentzky or George Wendt.  I expect bigger and better details out of a MILFtastic smoke like Brooke Lynn Domel coming from the great SST state of Texas.  Sexting.  Porn videos.  Classroom BJs.  Something worthy of her talents.  Maybe more details will come out, but for now she feels like Tyler Sequin.  Tons of potential, but she just refused to go in the dirty areas.

The Grades:
Pardon my 80s (and Joe Theismann) reference, but she’s Kathy Lee Crosby in her prime.  Grade: A
Moral Compass/Bad Judgment: 
This is where I have to whack her.  Having a rack like that and not letting it be known the kid has pictures of those things is not only a sin against nature, I’m fairly certain it’s a crime in Texas. You’re better than that, Brooke Lynn.  Grade: C
  She does get extra credit though for having one of Ted’s White Trash names.  Grade: A
  B.  Looks still win the day every time.
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