North CarolinaA 28-year-old teacher at a North Carolina charter high school is accused of having sex with at least one male student. Police began investigating Diana Leigh Farnell after receiving a call about an inappropriate relationship between her and a 16-year-old student at Union Academy Charter School in Monroe, N.C… Farnell was charged with one count of “sex offense with a student,” according to WBTV. City of Monroe spokesman Pete Hovanec told the station that police “interviewed students and … Ms. Farnell and she admitted to the offense.” Farnell turned herself in Sept. 12, but police said that the investigation is ongoing, and more charges might be filed.

I don’t that I could appreciate a Sex Scandal Teacher any more than I do Diana Leigh Farnell right now.  As much as I enjoy a good complex SST filled with details like sext messages and porn photos and classroom BJs, there’s something simple and elegant about hers.  A hot 28 year old teacher with an amazing body, in her sexual prime, doing her 16 year old student then looking the cops in the eye and ‘fessing up to it.  Just a classic, old-fashioned scandal.  Aptly enough, she’s like Mariano Rivera, working her natural talent, throwing the sexual equivalent of the cut fastball and daring you to hit it.  I just wish I was in Monroe on the day she was picked up so I could give her the Andy Pettite hug.

The Grades:
The ultimate rarity: A mugshot that’s better than a Facebook formal wear photo. I mean, look at that thing.  Just the definition of “Fuck me eyes.”  Pure, unrepentant cradle-robbing sexuality behind those hazel eyes.  Plus arguably the best body we’ve seen all season.  I have no idea what that pink thing is, but I think we all know what she’s calling it: Practice.  Grade: A-
Moral Compass/Bad Judgment:
I really want to mark her down some for the lack of flourish.  But nothing brings a grade up like an admission to the cops under oath. I love an SST who values a good sex story above any chance to beat the rap.  Grade: B
Union Academy’s Mission Statement: “Union Academy is a pathway by which children mature into confident young adults.”  Mission: Accomplished. Grade: A
A-. The competition for the end of the year All Star team just heated up.
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