TexasEven before the Internet, the young men at the Townview Magnet would have figured out that Cristy Nicole Deweese, their new Spanish teacher, had posed in Playboy. Someone would have gotten their hands on the February 2011 issue, in which an 18-year-old Deweese was featured as “Coed of the Month,” and passed it around. That boys will find porn is a fundamental law of nature.  But now Deweese’s body of work is at their fingertips. Her Coed of the Month shots, her “Naked Outdoors” gallery, her simulated lesbian sex scene, are all just a click away…It seems unfair to say, as an anonymous parent did to the Morning News, that posing nude a couple of times should permanently preclude one from becoming a teacher. At the same time, every time she walks in front of her class, some students will have trouble shaking those Playboy images and her brief but revealing Playboy interview. “My butt looks great in jeans, panties, or nothing,” she told the magazine. “My legs are long. But my favorite thing about my body is my breasts. They’re small, but real, nicely shaped, and I don’t have to worry about back pain, bras, men staring or anything. I love them just the way they are.” The question becomes whether she can command her students’ respect in spite of all that, which is something for DISD to decide.

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I know this was already on BarstoolU, but I didn’t invent the art of grading SSTs and make it my life’s work just to miss a 50 year storm like Cristy Nicole Deweese.  Or to pass up the chance to champion her cause.  Because how can we as a nation truly call ourselves free when Miss Deweese isn’t free?  How can we tell our kids we hope their hats reach as high as their dreams when we oppress Crista Nicole just because she took some harmless and perfectly legal pay de queso pictures when she was 18?  And most importantly, how can we deny our sons a Playboy-worthy educator like her and still expect to lead the world in teachers banging students?  Are we just going to make them settle for dumpy, homely SSTs?  How’s that going to inspire them to reach their potential?  Keep the smokes like Deweese out of the classroom and we might as well just focus on educating our kids.  And what are we?  South Korea?

The Grades:
What else can I say? Her butt looks great in jeans, panties, or nothing. Her legs are long. But my favorite thing about Cristy’s body is her breasts. They’re small, but real, and nicely shaped.  Grade: A+
Moral Compass/Bad Judgment:
I have to take some points away because there is no actual sex here.  But I’m giving them right back because no teacher in the country will put more deposits into more spank banks.  Grade: A
If nothing else, those kids will know what “Muy caliente” means.  Grade: A.
A. First ballot on the end of the year all star squad.
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