Louisiana – A 29-year-old teacher has been charged with having sex with one of her former pupils and sending him sexually explicit text messages. Heather Lasseigne Chiasson is alleged to have begun a relationship with a 17 year old boy from her English class….she was immediately suspended from her position at South Laforche High School in Louisiana. Investigators said the boy admitted to the affair and said it had become with flirting but ended up with him sleeping with his teacher. The teen also showed detectives a series of sexually explicit text messages that he had been sent by Ms Chiasson…of a ‘graphic sexual nature’.

Nice going, Laforche Police Department.  Way to get all cryptic with us at the worst possible time.  What exactly are “sexually explicit” texts and what do you mean by “graphic sexual nature”?  Was she just talking dirty to the kid?  How dirty?  How about a few specifics?  Or God forbid was this spicy little Cajun shrimp dish sending naked pictures of herself?  Because this is the kind of detail that will make or break a Teacher Sex Scandal.   I mean, sure it’s good to know there’s a sex-crazed little slut behind that perky grin.  But we need to know how sex-crazed and to what degree of sluttiness.

The Grades:
Sweet, innocent looking face.  The sexy Pam Beasley-Halpert hair.  Demure pearl necklace.  All of which belie the ferocious, horny tigress within.  Grade: A
Moral Compass/Bad Judgment: We love her for boning her student.  We love the paper trail of the “sexually explicit” messages.  Again I go back to the lack of deets, but that’s not for Heather’s lack of effort so she only gets a minor deduction.  Grade: B+.
Intangibles: Heather Lasseigne Chiasson” works both as a Tulane debutante or as a porn actress.  What I love about this chick is she’s got a lot of both in her: Grade: B.
Overall: A-. We’ve got our first real All Star of the year.
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