NY PostHe got the girl — and he got paid! The high-school senior caught on camera locking lips with his hot-to-trot teacher won a bet with four of his buddies to see who would hook up with her first, The Post has learned.  Eric Arty, 18, beat his pals — who each ponied up $100 — to win the jackpot as well as the affections of glamorous global-studies teacher Julie Warning, 26.“It was a bet with a group of his friends,” said Andrew Cabrera, a junior at Manhattan Theater Lab HS, where Warning worked until Tuesday, when she was reassigned to an administrative job.  “They gave him the $500 [pot]…He would go after class and basically try to seduce her,’’ he said… “Eric came out of nowhere and got her.”… Other students described how Warning at first tried to resist the teenagers’ charms — throwing them out of her classroom when they would turn up to hit on her…Arty’s friends showed up outside his Washington Heights home yesterday — with copies of the New York Post in hand — to salute their conquering hero, shouting, “Eric’s da’ man!”

This is what those people who are trying to eliminate competition from kid’s lives… spelling bees, MVP awards, championships, Prom King & Queen elections and the like… will never understand.  Competition is good for kids.  It makes them hungry.  Teaches them to work hard for what they want.  To overcome obstacles to get what they want.  And that nothing is more rewarding than getting something you struggled to achieve.  Look at our boy Eric here.  Every kid in class wanted Ms. Warning.  But he wanted her more.  He went hard after her, she resisted, other kids had the inside track, but in the end, he came out of nowhere and got her.  And now he’s not only a hero, he’s $400 richer.  What a lesson this is for all the Eric Artys of the world.  Work hard, believe in yourself, and you can achieve anything.  A lesson he never would’ve learned if they made it so every kid got to feel a teacher up on a park bench.

The Grades:
The rare girl who looks better with the Facebook Kissy Face Pose than without it.  But any concerns I have about that evening gown picture are eliminated by that cleavage, which is legit.  Just because I’m reluctant to ever give a straight A I’m going Grade: A-.
Moral Compass/Bad Judgment: Should I deduct points for not banging the kid?  Sure, I guess.  But if getting fingerblasted by your own student in broad daylight in the middle of NYC doesn’t count for something, then the whole Sex Scandal Teacher game has lost all its meaning.  Grade: A.
Intangibles: Her name is Warning.  Not since Lacy Underalls has a ridiculously sexy name proven to be so spot-on. And the kid scores points for this Teenaged-Obama-as-Gryffindor-Seeker photo.  Grade: A+.
Overall:  A all the way.
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