NYDN - English teacher Erin Sayar, 35, is accused of having sex with 11th-grader Kevin Eng at least eight times last December when she was supposed to be tutoring him. The trysts happened in her SUV and at Brooklyn’s scandalized James Madison High School — which was dubbed “Horndog High” in 2009 when two female teachers were axed after two handymen caught them in a naked embrace in a classroom. “I love you so much,” Kevin wrote his teacher in one Facebook message… The affair may have continued if not for the teen’s jealous girlfriend, who hacked into his Facebook account and discovered the steamy messages between Sayar and him… He also described tattoos on intimate parts of Sayar’s body… she and Eng exchanged an astounding 3,856 text messages during a 17-day period last December.

New RochelleMarisa Anton, 33, a female librarian at New Rochelle high school, was arrested Wednesday by New Rochelle Police after going to meet a 16-year old male youth for what she believed would be a sexual encounter… The boy, a student at the school, had complained to his parents that Anton had made inappropriate remarks that made the boy uncomfortable. The parents called the police. The police set up a sting: they had the boy call Anton and arrange a meeting. When Anton showed up for the meeting she was arrested.

KFC posted these on NY Barstool yesterday while I was on my way to the Sox game (Uncle Buck says Hi) and asked me if between these stories and Julie Warning, it makes yesterday the greatest day in the history of Teacher Sex Scandals.  And I have to say it might.  Of course there were other landmark days.  The time Debra Lafave banged a kid in the backseat while his 15 year old cousin drove.  Or the time Pamela Rogers Turner strutted into the courtroom, stuck her huge rack out proudly and just started eyefucking the shit out of everyone.  Then of course there was the gamechanging moment when Mary Kay Letourneau got release from jail, make a beeline to her babydaddy and boned her way right back into the Stoney Lonesome.  But this was three Teacher Sex Scandals breaking in one city in 24 hours.  The Perfect Depravity Storm.  A Horn-monic Convergence.  May 31, 2012: A date that will live in Sex Scandal Teacher infamy.

The Grades:
I have to put them right at the same level.  Erin’s not as pretty but that body was made for classroom sin.  And Marisa’s got just the right amount of crazy in those MILFy eyes of hers.  Grades: Erin: B. Marisa: B.
Moral Compass/Bad Judgment: Erin kills this category on the basis of actually having sex with the kid.  But add to that the 3K texts and dirty Facebook DMs.  And she’s got the incriminatingly identifiable intimate tattoos, which is fast becoming a staple of these stories.  She’s a pro’s pro.  Whereas Marisa getting caught without actually ever getting to bump uglies is a total amateur move.  The only reason I’m not being harder on her is she was set up like a studentfucker.  Grades: Erin: A. Marisa: C-.
Intangibles: I don’t know what to make of Teacher Sex Stories being on the rise as fast as stories about people eating human flesh.  I guess this is the upside of the Zombie Apocalypse.  Grades: Both: B.
Overall: Erin: B+.  Marisa: B-.
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