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Everyday on the Barstool Sports Instagram we are going to be counting down the hottest girls in the hottest costumes all the way through Halloween weekend. The girl we feature from now until November 2nd at 6PM who has the most likes will win $100 $500 cash and be crowned “Barstool Sports Hottest Costume of 2014″

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Barstool Rundown October 22

Part 1

Part 2

Rundown Aftershow


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Today’s Topics:

World Series Game 1 Rewind 

Video: Robert Morris University Has A Pep Rally For The Video Game Team 

Chinese Woman Was Dumped by Her Boyfriend So She Did The Only Reasonable Thing And Moved Into a KFC and Ate Chicken Wings For a Week

Can We Talk About How Stupid KFC Is For Saying Nonpariels Are Poor People Candy?

Little Beauty Queens Dropping F Bombs For Feminism


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Major League Baseball Is Donating Tonight’s World Series Game To Pete Frates And ALS Research



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Just saw this on Twitter and thought it was great so I wanted to share it. We’ve been lucky enough to hang out with Pete and the Frates a lot in the last year and they’re really the nicest people in the entire world. They’re passionately dedicated to helping find a cure for ALS and raising awareness. They’ve got an awesome support group of friends and family and what they’ve accomplished in the last year with the Ice Bucket Challenge was one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen. So it’s great to see them receive the recognition that they so rightly deserve. Tip of the cap to the Frates and the MLB.




PS – Buy some Frate Train gear and support the cause


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Hey All New Jersey Stoolies! 1:30 Till Our Poker Tournament Begins!




Let’s do this thing!   FYI – All my credit cards got denied cause of gambling restrictions or some shit like that. I had to deposit money through the E-CHECKS option which took 1 second maybe two. I also have seen Smitty bragging about how he’s like Moneymaker or something. Can’t wait to send his ass packing.


Here’s how to enter our Stoolies only tournament.


Click here and Download Party Poker Now

Signup and verify your account
Make a deposit and register for the Barstool Poker Challenge
Password: barstool01

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Revis Got Sent Home for Being Late

Rhode Revis Island


Ben Volin, Boston.comBill Belichick has a specific set of rules that his players must abide by, and Darrelle Revis discovered Tuesday that being a superstar doesn’t buy you any leeway. Revis, playing his first season in New England following seven years with the Jets and Buccaneers, was absent from Tuesday’s practice, but not for health reasons. According to three league sources, Revis arrived late to the Patriots facility that morning, and Belichick sent him home for the day instead of allowing him to participate in practice and meetings. The Patriots were off from Saturday to Monday following last Thursday’s win over the Jets, and Revis didn’t show up on time when the players reconvened at 7:30 a.m. Tuesday. One source close to Revis said Revis has accepted responsibility for his actions and understands that the team’s rules apply to all players.

Since this broke broke there’s been some aspersions cast upon the story because Felger and Mazz’ intern Twitter follows Darrelle Revis’ business manager (Note: a kid with that level of dedication to the business is going rule the sports world some day) who apparently Tweeted “Wrong!” before taking it down.  Whatever.  For the purposes of the discussion I’ll presume Ben Volin is right here, Revis did show up late and was sent home and does feel bad about it and does take responsibility.  Considering that 24 hours ago I was worried he was hurt, I’ll take this as a preferable alternative any time.

Now of course we’re already getting the sports radio angry mob grabbing their pitchforks and lighting their torches and storming the castle to destroy the monster Belichick over this.  Like it’s his fault Revis can’t show up on time.  Rules is rules.  The Hooded One expects people to be on time.  If you’re late, you’re sent home and it doesn’t matter if you’re a 53rd-man Special Teamer or the best cornerback of your generation.  And it sounds like Revis respects that.  When the Tardy Boys incident happened in 2009, supposedly Randy Moss, Gary Guyton and Derrick Burgess all came back to the stadium later on to watch film.  The only one who bitched about it was Adalius Jetson,  a notorious, team-killing, selfish malcontent who felt like somehow he was above the rule.  Despite the fact that upwards of 100 other players, coaches and assistants all made it to the stadium on time that day.  Including Ty Warren who was his next door neighbor, and a certain superstar franchise GOAT quarterback who’s wife had a baby the day goddamned before.  Assuming Revis took it like a man… which I am… then no one else should have any problem with his coach treating him like one.  But of course this is Belichick we’re talking about, so this is just another example of his “arrogance” and putting himself above it all and driving free agents away and THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS!!!  Funny how those same angry trolls don’t have a problem with, say Tom Coughlin, who’s famous for punishing guys if they show up 14 minutes early for meetings, because he expects them 15 minutes early.  Nope. In this Bizarro World we find ourselves living in, Bill Belichick gets ripped for treating everybody fairly. And only Belichick.  @JerryThornton1

By Jerry Thornton posted October 22nd, 2014 at 6:14 PM

Barstool Local Smokeshow of the Day – Lauren from New England University – Worcester Blackout Is 2 Days Away!



Introducing Lauren from New England University. Keep an eye out for the sandy cheeks picture in this gallery. Its what Hump Day is all about.

Know any smokes who deserve free tickets to Hartford or Worcester this weekend? Email them to


10/24 – Worcester – Palladium (BUY NOW)

10/25 – Hartford – Webster Theater (BUY NOW)




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Ladies and Gentleman: I Proudly Introduce Weirdhaircutseth




Horse racing just got put on notice.  Weirdhaircutseth is official and he’s here to play.  As long as he don’t have to throw footballs I don’t know how he’ll ever lose.   My only complaint is that he’s not more grey.   But the red hair and red coat kind of make it a no brainer.    Do it Weirdhaircutset!   Do it!

By elpresidente posted October 22nd, 2014 at 5:07 PM

This SF Tour Guide Goes Off On Chinatown



Sure this was probably racist, but who gives a fuck. This was way more entertaining than any Duckboat Tour. In fact this should be a thing. Let all the pussies and little girls go on the boring tour guides. Give me the X rated city tours. Just letting it fly with f bombs and off color jokes. Telling me the real dirt about a city. Put a bar and some stripper poles in there and boom you’re good to go. Can I copyright this idea by just screaming “I COPYRIGHT THIS!” Because I just did so now it’s my intellectual property.


PS – Love the golf clap from the crowd after her rant.  I need to sell tshirts to tourists.  They’re happy with anything.

By elpresidente posted October 22nd, 2014 at 4:36 PM
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