Tom Brady Officially Had The Weirdest Halloween Costume Of All Time As A Kid




There he is.  Arguably the greatest QB who has ever lived.  A guy impregnates chicks by just looking at them.   Seriously what in the fuck is that?  I’ve tried to explain it in my mind 10 times and can’t figure it out.  I thought he was a cowgirl at first, but what is going on with his legs?  Is that part of the costume?   And what is that white thing on his shoulder?  Why is he wearing a blouse?  Are those welders gloves? It also looks like he’s wearing a soccer shin pad.  What the hell is going on around here?   The only guy who can probably explain this is Lady Feitleberg.  I’m sure he dressed in something similar as a kid.

PS – Who is the geek with the glasses?


Click here for the rest of Pats players Halloween Costumes.  Most of them are normal.  None of this Nancy shit Tom pulled off here.  Letting his Metrosexual/gayball out to play at an early age.

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Bieber Rocking Ear Plugs and Doing Eyebrow Dances Because Bieber Does What Bieber Wants




I love everybody killing the Biebs for rocking earplugs at the Cavs game.   You guys are so simple I can’t stand it.  It’s metaphorical you morons.  He’s blocking out the noise.  Blocking out the haters.   He can’t hear the boos.   He’s just dancing to his own beat.   Just fucking Victoria Secret Supermodels and making Selena wet.  Dance eyebrows dance!

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Barstool Instagram Halloween Contest – Smokahontass

Everyday on the Barstool Sports Instagram we are going to be counting down the hottest girls in the hottest costumes all the way through Halloween weekend. The girl we feature from now until November 2nd at 6PM who has the most likes will win $100 $500 cash and be crowned “Barstool Sports Hottest Costume of 2014″

Follow the Barstool Instagram and DM us any nominations @Barstool_Sports

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Barstool Rundown October 30 Featuring Paul Lo Duca

Part 1

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Rundown Aftershow


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The Only Brady vs Manning Question That Matters



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Barstool Local Smokeshow of the Day – Lexi from Harwich



Introducing Lexi from Syracuse via Harwich, MA. Tough losing a smoke like this to a NY school. Either way score one for the Cape.

Great smoke week. Lets load up for next week. Send nominations to



3 4 Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 10.09.17 AM Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 10.09.52 AM

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 10.10.04 AM

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 10.10.12 AM


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Pornstar Kayden Kross Catcalls Guys On The Street (Street Harassment Is So In Right Now)




Big movement for street harassment these days. If you’ve got a camera and an online profile you’re pretty much a sucker if you’re not making an anti-harassment vid or at least a spoof of it. But, this is the first one I’ve seen where girls are “harassing” guys. I’m not sure what message this was supposed to portray other than Kayden Kross hanging out with a bunch of nobody pornstars because every guy either seemed into it or thought it was funny. I guess the fact that Kayden couldn’t take them into a back alley then rape and kill them if they responded incorrectly may have factored into that, but that’s still how it played out. Maybe that’s the idea to take from it, girls. Be stronger than your cat callers and you can laugh at whatever they say because then they can’t force you to have sex with them against your will. An odd message.



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People Are Up In Arms About The New Victoria’s Secret “Perfect Body” Campaign


SOURCE – Lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret has come under fire for an ‘irresponsible’ advert for their new ‘push up denim range of bras. Featuring Angels Behati Prinsloo, Lily Aldridge and the face of the brands new perfume Jasmine Tookes, the ad looks much like the many others released by the brand over the years, with the three sculpted abs, gazelle like legs and perfect white teeth smiling out at us. But what has upset many is the wording used across the poster, which states simply ‘The Perfect Body’. So strong in fact is the strength of feeling about the wording of the advert that a petition has been launched calling on Victoria’s Secret to ‘apologise for, and amend the irresponsible marketing of your new bra range ‘Body” the campaign states that the ad sends out an ‘unhealthy and damaging message about women’s bodies and how they should be judged’. Hannah Welby writes: ‘Body shaming is irresponsible and damaging. As is setting a specific standard of beauty and perfection. As women we need to be encouraged and celebrated in all our appearances and not pigeonholed.’

So just to be clear, these chicks think that Victoria’s Secret makes the rules on what’s attractive and what isn’t; they think that Victoria’s Secret is actively going out of their way to shame women about their bodies. Do you realize how insane that makes them? These people see these ads featuring some of the most gorgeous women in the world and they think to themselves that the whole world only finds them attractive because Victoria’s Secret’s “specific standard of beauty and perfection” tells them to. I’ve got news: attractive is attractive. A tiny percentage may want to see a 4’9” 275 pound chick with meth mouth and bald spot up on that banner but most people prefer the aesthetic of the tanned, 5’11” Brazilian Aphrodite whose farts probably smell like a Clean Linen & Sunny Days Glade Plug-In. Yeah, perfect isn’t universal, but don’t tell me that you can’t tell whether Behati Prinsloo is closer to it than Mama June.

And while we’re at it let’s cut it out with this shaming nonsense once and for all. You might passively be ashamed, but don’t try to turn that into the act of someone shaming you. Victoria’s Secret is not shaming anyone by having a picture with a caption at the front of their store; they’re trying to sell more bras. If you see that and become ashamed because you don’t look like Lily Aldridge that doesn’t mean that they’re attacking you, it means you’re a massive narcissist.

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And The Beat Goes On…Bruins Lose Krug For 2-3 Weeks Due To Nasty Broken Finger


Exactly what the Bruins didn’t need. Yet again. Alas, this is the NHL where no quarter is given.

Just two games after losing captain and monster D-man Zdeno Chara to a PCL tear in his left knee after his hit on Islanders’ superstar John Tavares, the Bs lost their best offensive defenseman Torey Krug for just two to three weeks after a slash gave him this nasty injury. (Yeah, “just” a few weeks after losing the worst game of Just the Tip ever is a pretty quick turnaround). The loss will challenge the team’s defensive depth even further but it also gives Dougie Hamilton a chance to become even more of a key performer and potentially a young leader as he’ll be playing #1 minutes and in all situations. In short, Chara’s absence may increase both Dougie’s stock and his game.

But the team will miss Krug’s passing and shooting on the power play and his ability to skate the puck out of the Bs zone and into the opposing zone. After searching so long for their coveted PMD, the Bruins will now go without him until his finger grows back like a starfish or some shit. To help fill the void, the Bs called up Joe Morrow and David Warsofsky. And similar to Z’s absence helping Dougie grow his game, whoever plays in Krug’s stead will get a chance to prove he belongs in the NHL.

In their first game without Chara, the Bruins played perhaps their best game of the year Saturday night in Toronto in a thorough 4-1 win. But they choked away a 3-1 lead against Minnesota on Tuesday night by giving up three goals in the third to lose 4-3 in regulation. One bright spot, however, was the spirited play of Seth Griffith. He had two goals and an assist and has hardly looked out of place playing with David Krejci and Milan Lucic. It was also great to see him going hard to the net to make plays. Of course, when you get passes like that, it does make it look that much easier.

The loss of Krug simply presents another bump in the road for a team that has been more than used to them. Historically under Claude, they’ve show great resiliency in overcoming similar adversary so there’s no reason to think they won’t survive Krug’s loss for a few weeks.

A few more buds for your bowl…

*Saw a couple of great Halloween costumes from some hockey players. First, P.K. Subban absolutely nails pre-Propofol MJ with this unreal “Thriller” get up. It’s really tough to emphasize just how enormous Jackson was in the ’80s. There’s currently nobody that even approaches the Beatles-like reaction that he induced when “Thriller” (album, song, and video) was murdering the charts like Ola Ray murdered those pants. (And no, that little hoser making pre-pubescent girls pee themselves doesn’t come close.) H/T to Wysh.


Second, Norwood’s noted Stoolie Matt Brown had me and stitches here as he and his boy went as Forrest Gump and Lt. Dan. Hysterical.


*Best wishes to 2011 folk hero Nathan Horton. Horty left here for one of the two NHL cities with a Civil War-inspired nickname (and $37M). Due to a variety of injuries (including a tear in his shoulder suffered as a Bruin, first reported here), he’s only been able to suit up for 35 Blue Jackets games. But he was recently diagnosed with the dreaded “degeneration” of the lumbar region, which could potentially keep him from ever playing again. And that would be a real shame. Horton’s one of the NHL’s good guys and it’d be too bad to see the 29-year-old have his career end prematurely and before he could truly lead Columbus to the promised land.

*Non-Bruins Blog Item, Vol. 1. Warning: Spoilers ahead. HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire” aired its series finale Sunday night and as a series-long devotee, I was pretty pleased with the finish (though the first 30-40 minutes dragged ass for a finale). The final sequence alternating between the older, drained-of-much-power Nucky Thompson warily eyeing a couple of mugs on the boardwalk and his younger self about to aid in a deplorable act that will forever alter, and eventually end, his life was expertly done. It reminded the viewer that young Enoch Thompson was a decent man trying to make his lot in life but fell under the sway of the Commodore and dragged a poor 12-year-old-girl down with him. As young Nucky reaches out his hand to Gillian to deliver her to the scumbag commodore and a ruined life, the older Nucky is accosted then shot by Tommy Darmody, the son of Jimmy Darmody (Nucky’s surrogate and Gillian’s son that he had whacked early in the series). His sin had finally come back to haunt him. Though hardly a perfect show, “Boardwalk” was better than most things on TV (I know, not saying much) and had impeccable production and talent. It was never able to reach the stratospheric levels reached by “The Sopranos”, “The Wire”, “Breaking Bad”, or “Deadwood”. And that’s just fine because not many are going to. It was just a very good, high-quality, beautiful-looking show that told a colorful tale from a colorful place during a colorful time. If you’re looking for a a new show to watch that blends history with fiction, give it a whirl. Overall grade, B+.

*Non-Bruins Blog Item, Vol. 2. It’s still not even November yet but the Academy may want to confirm the spelling of Michael Keaton’s name. Because though it’s early, the Best Actor Ocsar is his to lose right now thanks to his bravura, sensational performance as faded actor Riggan Thomson in “Birdman”. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s unique, high-wire act that gives the sense the movie is one long take is unlike any movie you’ve ever seen before. A jazzy, riffy drum score plays throughout and provides aural atmosphere. And it feels as though it was written specifically for Keaton, who can relate to Thomson probably more than anyone in Hollywood thanks to his playing the title role in Tim Burton’s wildly successful “Batman” (1989) and its sequel “Batman Returns” (1992) before slowly fading, though not disappearing, into the background; in 1992, Thomson was world-famous for playing “Birdman”. Suddenly, Thomson wants to produce, direct, and star in a Broadway play to prove his worth as an actor, that he wasn’t some hack in a bird suit. But those are just the mechanics to provide us with one of the best-acted pictures in years that takes place, more or less, in and around the St. James Theater. That said, this movie can hardly be pigeon-holed as a “theater picture”. Or any kind, for that matter. But it’s certainly a technical marvel with unreal cinematography. Unlike his previous features, Inarritu has some fun here as he satirically deals with and/or skewers ego, insecurity, aging, comic book movies, how children are a reflection of their parents, Hollywood, super hero culture, assholes, vanity, depression, sensitive actors, and a handful of other themes. He also throws in a dash of supernatural just to keep you guessing. In short, it’s like a roller-coaster ride. And you’re in the front seat with Michael Keaton riding shotgun. Ed Norton (who pokes fun at his Method persona), Naomi Watts, and Zach Galifianakis all turn in excellent work and each may warrant a Supporting nom depending on how the rest of the year plays out. But Emma Stone, who plays Riggan’s daughter/personal assistant, was fantastic and she should be a slam-dunk for a Best Supporting Actress nom because this is the best work of her young career. I’d also expect noms for Director, Picture, and Original Screenplay. “Birdman” is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before and gets an A.


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