If there’s a limit to what Mr. Kraft can do, we haven’t yet discovered what it is. He’s a modern day Midas. Everything he touches turns to gold. Businessman. Philanthropist. Champion. Real estate mogul. Leader of men. Lover of beautiful women. And now we can add: Dancer. Actor. Tough guy. It’s like anything he wants to hit he hits. First we see him with the lovely Ricki at a Celtics game, now he’s using his limitless talents to get her acting gigs. And if his past success is any indication, she’ll be thanking him from the podium when she wins the Best Actress Oscar next year. And based on this performance, I wouldn’t bet against him winning one himself.

The only thing I’m struggling with is Mr. Kraft has given us TWO slogans for the 2012 Patriots. And I can’t decide which one I’d rather have replace the “MHK” patch on the uniforms:

“Nut Up or Move On”, or

“Fuck You, Pussy!”

Either way we win. Because Mr. Kraft is the only man in America having a better summer than Gronk. @JerryThornton1