DETROIT (WXYZ)Earlier in the day Wednesday, it was filled with wood. Neighbors say someone used it as a dumping ground. Resident Jeff Brown told 7 Action News the perpetrator committed the act in broad daylight. “All of a sudden I hear this really loud crash,” said Brown. Brown said he could not believe what he saw – a man with a flat bed boldly unloading large chunks of wood right into the street. “You don’t have to ask me, and I don’t take no orders from no woman by the way. By the way, I don’t take no orders from no women,” said Stetkewycz. When asked why he ignored people yelling at him to stop he continued with his offensive comments. “It must have been a woman and I don’t listen to women yelling. I tell them to shut up.” he said.

PREACH MOTHERFUCKER PREACH! How can you not love this guy? I mean this is a shoo in for top 100 videos of the year. Maybe #1. Guy just telling it like it is. “He don’t take no orders from a woman by the way. He tells them to shut up.” AMEN! All hail Mr. Clean Up! All hail Mr. Clean up! And yes this interview is twice as funny for some reason because of the way he leans into the microphone to talk.

PS – Somewhere the Struttin That Ass guy just duffed his cap to Mr. Clean Up.