Youtube - Oh, and all you guys who can’t deal with the sight of a man moving with artistic grace – yeah, we get it. Just go watch something else.


I love how the guy who posted this on youtube went on the attack before the Stoolies even had a chance to chime in. “Hey if you don’t like the sight of a man moving with artisitic grace go watch something else.” The internet is a big fucking place. Preach brother! Preach! Personally I loved it. Like you’ll never catch me making fun of roller rinks. Nope. Not somebody who grew up in the 80′s just looking to hold hands like a motherfucker at the Palace in Saugus. Seriously this bro would have had any piece of pussy he wanted with moves like these. Not only because of his artistic swag, but you were a certified badass if you used a skateboard in a rollerskating rink. Even I would have been leaking a little precum. Especially at the 2 minute mark when he was swiveling those hips all over the joint.

PS – Rainbow around the rink for the win. I honestly feel bad for anybody who didn’t grow up in the 80′s. Best decade in the history of civilization. Wild times. Cusak needs to make a movie about this guy. I don’t want it to happen. It has to happen. The plotlines are endless.