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This girl is named Lil Brit and she always raps “Get Low” at UConn’s late night. Most ridiculous shit, gotta watch it

Viva la stool,



So it turns out there are a bunch of these videos of Lil Brit doing Get Low on youtube. Different people taping her. Different outfits. Only thing that remained the same is she killed it everytime. So I guess my question is for the Uconn Stoolies coming to our Blackout Saturday night. Is Lil Brit the proverbial cherry on top that will take this from the best night ever to the best night ever times infinity? Because I’ve been waiting to party with Uconn for years now. I’m like a Bridezilla. I want everything to be perfect. And if Lil Brit makes it perfect I’ll fly her ass in on a private jet if I have to. Talk to me Uconn. How big of a campus legend is this girl? Do I need to start making phone calls right this second?