It’s a new day in Bruins Nation. No more being the laughing stock of the NHL. No more getting picked on in opposing rinks. We’re the biggest, baddest, motherfucker on the block. The defending Stanley Cup Champions. When we walk into an opposing barn we don’t ask for respect. We take it. So if Thunderbug thinks he’s just going to walk up to a Masshole and shoot silly string in his face and get away with it he has another thing coming. No chance we’re backing down. Bam Bam Bigelow will go jaw to jaw and settle this thing like men just like we did in the playoffs last year. Hey Thunderbug how’s the cement taste? Stanley Cup champs indeed! And don’t you ever forget it.

PS – This is truly the definition of going jaw to jaw. I think if I was this Masshole I’d totally try and get this picture blown up and hang it in my living room. Just a really preposterous/hilarious picture when you think about it. “Like yeah that’s the time I went jaw to jaw with Thunderbug….Notice the silly string all over my back….”