So this video is making the rounds today. Just a little old granny bus monitor getting heckled to death. Honestly I’m not that surprised by this. This is kind of exactly what I’d expect a bus monitor’s life to be like. Like what’s the only thing worse than being a school bus driver? Being the school bus monitor. I’m sure she goes through this every fucking day. Kids just ruining her life. Still doesn’t make this right though. That’s why I posted it. Because I want these punk ass kids exposed. I want to make an example out of them. I want to watch as somebody punches them in the balls and makes them cry. I want to watch them gravel at this lady’s feet and beg for forgiveness. And hopefully by posting this that gets us one step closer to that being reality. Honestly how do you heckle granny? You just have to have no soul whatsoever.

PS – This bus company should hire a crazy mexican gang dude to be bus monitor for day and just have him crack skulls. Anytime kids give Granny a tough time the crazy mexican drug lord guy comes back. I bet that would shut them up.