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Prez, This drunk chick was yelling at this guy for three stops before threatening to hit him. As soon as that happened I had to get video of this. This is a MUST watch. You would expect this shit on the Blue line.


I can’t remember a single greater mismatch in history. Bro is sitting there in his khakis and button down, trying to enjoy his Steel Reserve and this ruthless chick is just going berserk in his face. I mean talk about calling your shot, right? Yelling for 3 stops before dropping a 5 second countdown to beatdown right on this guy? Makes Babe Ruth look like a bitch.

But this is exactly why I don’t ride the T without headphones. Pop those on, look at your phone 100% of the time, and DEFINITELY don’t put your legs up on a drunk punk girl’s dog. That’s the way for a safe ride. And if you should ever forget your headphones, fuck with someone else besides the girl in the denim vest with skull and crossbone patches on it.

PS – the wildest part of this video, the wildest part, is easily this chick taking her dog for a walk and riding the T.