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What’s going on guys? I see a lot of fucked up shit on the cameras while working loss prevention at a retail store, but this may be the worst. This fatty just wanted to enjoy a private moment with her child, butthole, fingers and her mouth. Probably should have picked a more secluded place for this intimate moment though. Just wanted to share the video with you guys, and spread the laugh. Viva la stool!

This is legitimately might be the grossest thing I’ve ever seen. She eats that ass. She gets all up in there and then gives her finger one of those sloppy blowjobs with the thick spit like she just ate a pack of Skittles. Just nauseating on so many fronts. From the fatness to the velor suit and, oh, all the way down to the part where she picks her ass and eats it. You gotta pay extra to get pornstars to do what this lady just did in the hair care aisle.

ATM porn, consider yourself ruined.