LYNNThe parents of twin 9-year-old boys say an innocent attempt by one of their sons to commemorate his 200th goal scored led to a tirade by the boys’ coach and the twins’ suspension from the Lynn Youth Hockey League The parents, Holly and Bill Foglietta, who are both Lynn natives, say their sons’ coach, Bill Norcross of Lynn, screamed at one of their twin sons, Austin, when he realized the boy had received permission from the referee to keep the puck he had scored his 200th goal with. “He said, ‘ridiculous, ridiculous, that’s the most selfish thing I’ve ever seen,’” Bill Foglietta said during an interview about the incident in his Salem home. “He took the puck away from Austin and threw it back on the ice. He broke my son’s heart and he did it publicly. It just tore me up inside.” They say Holly Foglietta is an overbearing hockey mother who has at times tried to interfere with the way the coaches run the team, and who by making false allegations created a situation where lawyers are now representing people on both sides of the dispute. Holly Foglietta filed a complaint about Norcross with league president Wayne O’Keefe, asking him to look into what she acknowledged she described as “borderline child abuse.” O’Keefe responded by suspending the boys, meaning they could not attend games or practices.

So this is a long, long story. I’ll just surmise it the best I can. A 9 year old scored his 200th goal in a Peewee Hockey game. He asked for the puck. His coach freaked out. The parents contend the coach then threw a bag of pucks at their kids in the locker room. The coaches say the parents are insane. The mother filed a grievance and her kids were kicked off the team as a result. Basically a whole ton of he said she said going on. The only thing everybody seems to agree on is that this kid scored his 200th goal and did ask for the puck. My question is how does a 9 year old already have 200 goals? Is this kid Gretzky or something? And who the fuck is keeping track? I mean I was an awesome youth hockey player and I didn’t have 200 goals. That’s fucking insane. Regardless still kind of a hardo move from a 9 year old to ask for a puck right? Like if I was this coach I’d rip him a new asshole for it too. It’s the Lebronification of society at it’s finest. So I don’t care if this coach did throw a bag of pucks at the twins in the locker room. He’s just doing his job as far as I’m concerned. 200 goals my ass.