In what is rapidly becoming a tradition more storied than the Masters itself, it’s time to once again rank Gronk’s  TD spikes….

Spike #1

Anybody who knows anything about me knows I don’t give out 10’s.  I can’t do it.  Because once you give out a 10 you are basically saying that’s the best spike in the history of spikes.    It doesn’t matter if somewhere down the line Gronk spikes one so hard that knocks out the moon.   If you give a 10 now that means nothing can ever top it.  It’s the old figure skating scoring system.   But having said all that I’m still giving this a 10.   I have to.  One day a spike may tie it, but nothing will ever beat it.    It had everything.  It was a record breaker.  He did his little WWF move where he looks around to the crowd first.  He got ever ounce of power into it.  And the obviously watching him try to catch his spike like he was shagging a flyball was hilarious.    Just everything you could ever want out of a record breaking spike and more.    Somewhere Mary Lou Retton is giving him a slow clap.

Score – 10

Spike #2

Another great spike.   Even better in slow motion.  Now when I judge a spike I judge the whole body of work.   Like for me the spike doesn’t just end when the ball hits the ground.  Him running into the crowd and patting that guy on the head was one continuous motion for me.  So I took all that account when I scored this.

Score – 9

PS – I’d obviously be remiss not to mention the Gronk highlight tape play right before his first TD.   That’s gonna be his Bavaro vs. the 49ers moment.   It will be his lead highlight on every highlight package of him from here till eternity.    It just doesn’t get any better than that play.  You get the feeling even God was watching this being like “Damn I really outdid myself this time building the perfect TE”