Bostonherald - An upstart group of hip, high-tech entrepreneurs has launched a scathing video that paints Mayor Thomas M. Menino as an uncool Vladimir Putin-like figure, saying his iron grip on the city is stifling its culture and strangling its economic future. Greg Selkoe, founder of the nonprofit Future Boston Alliance, said he also is building a political base with an eye toward backing a challenger to the five-term mayor in 2013. Selkoe, a former Boston Redevelopment Authority staffer who now heads the successful online retailer Karmaloop, said he expects a “strong, young candidate” to emerge to challenge Menino — although he denied harboring political aspirations of his own. City political observer Larry DiCara said a groundswell of “young, educated” voters could pose a stiff challenge to Menino — if they can be motivated to get out and vote. He noted longtime Mayor James Michael Curley was toppled by John Hynes, based largely on the efforts of an upstart group called the New Boston Committee. “It would take a Herculean effort,” DiCara said. “But maybe a movement like this could change turnout.”

I’m going to ignore the fact that somehow Future Boston Alliance hasn’t already contacted me to run for Mayor yet.   I’m just going to assume that call is coming in the near future and when it does here is my answer. Yes.  Yes I will run against Menino. Yes I will lead this city out of the darkness and add legitimacy to your little extracurricular project. I’ve already talked about it in the past. I think I could beat him. Mumbles got 63,000 votes in the last election. According to Google Analytics we had 500,000 unique visitors to last month. And that’s pretty consistent. That is the city of Boston only. Not Cambridge or Somerville or Amherst. That’s just Boston proper. Yeah I know young people tend not to vote but what if I spent a year running a campaign. What if I teamed up with these geeks? The stoolies may be hard partying, hard living, assholes but they are also loyal. I think I could mobilize them. It would sort of be the silent majority finally tells the lunatic fringe to shut the fuck up. I know people think we’re super controversial and shit but we’re really not. It’s 3% of the population who have nothing better to do with their lives than make a stink about everything and try to tell people how they should think and act. Those are the people who hate us and vote and control elections. Wackos who mobilize. But they would stand no chance if the silent majority finally spoke up. I think I could do serious damage. I think we could sweep the lunatic fringe right into a dustpan where they belong.

PS – There is no more glaring example of how rigged this city is than the fact we can’t get a venue to do a Blackout show in Boston, but Avicchi is playing at the Garden. It’s just flat insider trading. No other way to describe it. The last 5 Avicchi concerts have all had more arrests at each individual concert than we have had combined at all 50 of our shows yet nobody has said a peep about it. They had no problem renting out the garden where thousands upon thousands of underage kids are surely going to be mollied out of their minds, but we can’t do a 2,000 person show for 18+ kids. Better yet Menino won’t open the Garden for Game 7 of the Bruins Finals, but he is cool with this. And he is cool with a Mac Miller concert at city hall where thousands of underaged kids basically rioted under his watch. The message is clear. Pay to play. Somebody’s palms are getting greased for sure.