Score - On Tuesday New Utah Jazz guard Mo Williams tweeted this photo of teammate Al Jefferson’s bed (via TBJ), a huge piece of furniture that would seem to fit a normal-sized family of five, plus several pets. Al Jefferson paid a small fortune for this bed. Yes, that’s more than $23,000 for a single item of furniture.

So Al Jefferon’s bed is all the rage right now on the internet and I’m just as impressed as everybody else. Like if I had a room big enough in my apartment to fit this thing in I’d pay 23K for it in a heartbeat. I’m not even exaggerating. It would be money well spent. Because as far as I’m concerned the worst thing about being married besides having sex with the same person the rest of your life is having somebody else constantly crowding you and messing with your sleep. It sucks. With this thing I wouldn’t even know the First Lady was there. We’d be in different zip codes. Total game changer. Get me this mogul bed!