ESPN - “This year’s won-loss record reflects a season of agony,” Red Sox president Larry Lucchino said. “It begs for changes, some of which have already transpired. More will come. We are determined to fix that which is broken and return the Red Sox to the level of success we have experienced over the past decade. “Difficult as it is to judge a manager amid a season that had an epidemic of injuries, we feel we need to make changes. Bobby leaves the Red Sox manager’s office with our respect, gratitude, and affection. I have no doubt that he will continue to contribute to the game he loves so much and knows so well.”


So everybody and their grandmother knew this was coming. Bottomline is I’ve already said everything I’ve had to say on this issue. I put zero blame on Bobby V for what happened this season. He inherited a shitty team that had the same exact shitty record last September as they do this September. A team of malcontents that ran the best manager in the history of the franchise out of town last year because he was sick of dealing with their bullshit. A team with more internal rats and bickering than the rest of MLB combined. Not to mention the fact he wasn’t allowed to bring in his own coaches when he was hired. Combine all these things and it’s beyond me how anybody can blame any of this shit on Bobby V. He never had a chance.

If you want to blame anybody blame Dr. Creepy or the One Eyed Bandit. Lucchino is the one who went behind Cherrington’s back and hired Bobby V by himself in the first place and then put handcuffs on him. He’s the one who makes all the decisions for the franchise. He’s the reason Theo left. We have a money guy running the baseball operations department.  Like why the fuck is the One Eyed Bandit even talking about this decision?   He’s not a baseball ops guy or at least that’s what he says.  That’s the much bigger problem here. And that’s on John Henry being an absentee owner who has no clue what is going on with this team and only caring about making money. It has nothing to do with Bobby V.  Anybody who thinks otherwise is a fool of the highest order.  We have a money guy who thinks he’s a baseball guy making all the baseball decisions and pretending he’s not.  It’s that simple.

PS – The smear campaign that is about to begin should be legendary.  Actually pretty excited to hear the sordid details that are inevitability about to be leaked.