BANGOR, Maine Denis Collins, the Eastern Maine Class A Coach of the Year last year, resigned Monday as head coach of the Bangor High School hockey team. Bangor Principal Paul Butler had been conducting an investigation of an incident regarding a lack of bathroom stops that happened last week during a bus trip to and from a game at Presque Isle, normally a three-hour-plus drive.“I guess making a comment that we weren’t going to stop eventually became my demise,” Collins said. “I did make a comment that, ‘We’re pressed for time and there would be no stops. We need to get to Presque Isle on time.’ As far as coming back, no comments were made about that.” In hindsight, Collins sees where he might have handled the situation differently. “Could anything have been done differently? I guess now, after the fact, yeah, there is,” he said. “Now you look at it and say, well, jeez, I could have stopped. I could have asked them to stop, but if nobody asks me to stop, why would I stop? That’s the only difference.” Collins said he resigned to prevent any disruption to the team.“My resignation will remove any continued drama that could disrupt their championship momentum,” he said. “This team has potential to win both Eastern Maine and state championships. … It is with much regret that I resign. I have not had the opportunity to say goodbye to the team, so therefore I would like to wish them good luck and great success.”

Do you know how hard it is to shock me with pussification of America stories nowadays? Almost impossible because I feel like I’ve heard them all at this point. But having said that even this one took my breath away. I mean the Maine Class A coach of the year being forced to resign because he didn’t give his team a piss break on a 3 hour bus ride. Are you serious? A 3 hour ride? Who the fuck would stop the bus in this situation? HOLD YOUR FUCKING WATER! It’s pure lunacy.

Per usual the only explanation is some parent who wasn’t happy with their kid’s playing time complained trying to get the coach fired because as we’ve seen time and time again parents can complain anonymously about anything nowadays and the administration will fire the coach everytime. The ONLY way and I mean the ONLY way a high school coach can keep his job is if everybody is happy 100% of the time. If 1 kid doesn’t think he got enough playing time or thinks the coach is too mean it’s game over. The Pussification of America at it’s finest.

PS – This story kind of reminds me of one of the best lines my old baseball coach who was a certified hard ass ever said. We had like a 9 hour scrimmage on a Saturday. Bus left at 9am. We got back at 7pm. He said “Boys it’s gonna be a long day so pack a lunch. But you can’t eat it on the field and you can’t eat it on the bus so I don’t know when you’re gonna eat it, but pack a lunch” So everybody just brought lunches and they sat there uneaten.  And if you said you were hungry he’d say “Well I told you to bring a lunch”  Something tells me that wouldn’t fly nowadays.