– Ricky Sargent was hopeful he could continue coaching at Hempstead High School and be an example of learning from one’s mistakes. Sargent won’t get that chance. In a special meeting Monday night, the Hempstead ISD board of trustees voted to fire Sargent, the high school’s head football and boys track coach. Less than two weeks ago, he made the decision to leave two student athletes alone at a restaurant late at night more than an hour from home. The track teams (19 athletes) returned home from a meet in Elgin on March 30. The athletes were misbehaving and eventually told they were not going to be allowed to eat. The bus stopped in Giddings and seniors Darius Battles and Ronnie Jones “exited the emergency door of the school bus to go to local restaurant without permission,” according to the statement. Sargent wasn’t with the team on the way back home but received a call about Battles and Jones getting off the bus and refusing to get back on. Sargent then gave the okay for the rest of the team to head to Hempstead, leaving Battles and Jones in Giddings. The bus pulled away about 11 p.m., and Sargent drove to out to meet the two and wait with them until one of their parents arrived. Hempstead won its first 14 games last season before falling to Melissa in the Class 2A Division I championship game. The Bobcats won their first district title in 38 years and enjoyed their best season since the 1984, when they won 13 games and reached the state semifinals.

Well this pretty much sums it up doesn’t it? This is everything that is wrong with our country in a nutshell. Kids acting like total assholes on the bus. Two idiots jump out at a traffic stop and then refuse to get back on. The coach can’t touch them or else he’ll get sued. So what does he do? He does exactly what he should do. Fucking leaves them there. Good luck getting home. Maybe next time you’ll think twice about being a dickhead. This is the right move 100 out of 100 times. But instead of being praised this coach gets fired. What a disgrace.

Seriously this is why I could never be a coach or teacher. The administration has your hands tied. The kids have all the power. They can do whatever they want whenever they want. They can shit in your eyeball and you just have to be like thank you sir may I have another. That’s why when they graduate they think the world owes them something. Because they’ve never been taught life lessons.  They’ve never had somebody like this coach teach them that life doesn’t revolve solely around them.  They think that no matter what they do or how obnoxious they are the world will bend to accommodate them. And if somebody tries to teach them otherwise they get canned. It’s the pussification of America at it’s finest.