Eastvalleytribune – Gilbert football coach Leland Rodgers said he was fired by the school Friday afternoon. Rodgers said his dismissal stems from what he called an “anonymous parent” accusing him of improper verbal and physical treatment toward players. According to Rodgers, a parent went to Stroud and athletic director Dan Haasch alleging Rodgers made kids do extra physical punishments for missing or being late to practice. The parent also alleged an assistant coach used profanity toward one of the players. Rodgers denied any wrongdoing and said an investigation revealed no specifics. Rodgers also said he’d never “had any kind of conversation” with the parent, nor ever had conversations with any parent about his players’ treatment Rodgers said he has his kids do “up-down” running drills similar to several schools, but said his players were never in danger health-wise and was never told what was “excessive.” He also said the assistant coach in question was suspended for a week. When he was asked to resign Friday, he refused. “…For some random person to bring up stuff like this is disheartening. If I deserved it, that I screwed up and don’t deserve to be around kids anymore, that’s on me. But apparently instead I aggravated someone I shouldn’t have and don’t know what I did. It’s disappointing there wasn’t more (administration) support when nothing really happened.” “(The parent) was going to threaten to go to the school board and (Gilbert administration) came back and told me to resign so they’d go away. I said no, I hadn’t done anything wrong and nobody could offer specifics. I’ve never met the person and never talked to them.” “There isn’t anything I can do, and anything that was said was either disproven or handled,” he said. “Someone got away with saying things and threatening to go further and further up (within the district), and it’s not true, and nothing happens to them. I think it’s outrageous. My parting words would be good luck to anyone who takes this job.”

Of all the Pussification of America stories that I’ve ever talked about in the history of Barstool Sports these are always the most shocking and infuriating to me. Like let’s forget the fact that a parent actually complained that a football coach made these kids do “up downs “because they were late to practice.  Yeah I know that’s insane and could be a blog all by itself, but the bigger issue is how a parent can issue an anonymous complaint about a coach and get him fired without any discussion.  I don’t care if it’s justified or not. I mean you want to fire this guy then tell him who is accusing him of doing shit. Let them plead their cases to an impartial jury. Let the coach defend himself. I swear only in the educational system can you get away with something so blatantly illegal and unfair. Where you are guilty until proven innocent. Where an anonymous person can accuse you of a crime and get you fired without even the slightest chance to defend yourself against the accusation.  Where the people in power act like dictators and think whatever they say should go without any debate, discussion or rational thought because they are in charge. It’s fucking wild.