Montgomery, Ala.Huntingdon College President J. Cameron West announced today that the College’s director of golf, Matt Mahanic, has been dismissed, effective immediately. “As a member of Division III of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, we adhere to the principles expressed in the NCAA Bylaws,” said West. “To quote the Bylaws, ‘Individuals employed by or associated with a member institution to administer, conduct, or coach intercollegiate athletics shall act with … sportsmanship at all times so that intercollegiate athletics as a whole, their institutions and they, as individuals, represent the honor and dignity of fair play and the generally recognized high standards associated with wholesome competitive sports.’”


Well that took long huh? What a fucking disgrace. Guy tries to add some toughness to his golf team and this is the thanks he gets? He gets fired? Like I keep saying over and over and over. You can’t even yell at kids anymore. You just got to watch your #1 player get two triples without even incurring a penalty shot and smile about it and act like everything is hunky dory. Bunch of horseshit. On the bright side at least he’ll have a lot more time to golf himself now.