Newstribe – Witnesses said that the Munch Bar was hosting the Seahawks after party when the shooting occurred, adding that one male victim was lying on the floor while the blood was everyware. They said that all the Seahawks players were safe.Aubrey O’Day, the reality TV star tweeted, “Seriously pple [people], just got shot n [in] front of me. We hit the ground, never been in a situation like this. Seattle, what’s going on?!”

Looks like Pete Carroll really is turning Seattle into USC. More details coming soon, but early reports are all the Seahawks are present and accounted for. ….Aubrey O’Day reporting live from Seattle.

PS – Tough to be a funny uplifting blog when every other story is about somebody getting shot to death.  Big time cramping my style.



- Thanks to Lobshots for heads up on this