I just tuned in to Sportscenter for 30 seconds and literally puked my brains out.  Billy Crystal is the co-anchor tonight.  Honestly I tried to watch it as long as I could but 30 seconds was the absolute max I could handle. It wasn’t even the constant name dropping and jewish jokes that bothered me the most.  It was the realization that I’m a fucking sucker. I mean ESPN knew this was going to be a trainwreck. They knew nobody wanted to see this. They knew guys like me wouldn’t be able to take more than 30 seconds, but they did it anyway. Why? Because they know they can bend us over, fuck us in the ass and we’re going to say thank you sir may I have another.  They have no respect for people who watch their channel.  They know they can rub mud in my face and there is nothing I can do about it.  It sucks but it’s true and that’s never been clearer than today when they had Billy Crystal host Sportscenter so they could hawk his new movie.   Just spitting right in my eye with no remorse.   DISGUSTING.