– Have you ever heard of a coregasm? That’s an orgasm that occurs from engaging your core muscles when you exercise. I certainly hadn’t until I read a new Indiana University study published this week that confirms what Cosmopolitan magazine has been telling its readers for years: it’s actually possible, at least in women. The study, which surveyed 530 women who volunteered to answer questions about their sexual feelings when exercising, found that 370 of the survey respondents reported experiencing either an orgasm or sexual pleasure when they exercised. About one-third of that group said they occasionally had all-out orgasms most often while doing abdominal exercises, which strengthen core muscles, as well as climbing ropes, weight lifting or running.

Well this makes me feel like a jerk. See I’ve always told myself that the reason I can’t get a chick to have an orgasm isn’t because I suck in bed, but rather because lots of chicks just don’t have orgasms. Like it doesn’t matter if I lasted longer than my customary 10 seconds. It doesn’t matter if I was Lex Steele. Some chicks just can’t bust a nut.. Now I find out chicks are having orgasms doing yoga and climbing ropes and shit? Are you serious? I mean if chicks have orgasms that easily what does that say about me? On second thought scratch that question. I’m just going to pretend I didn’t read this and keep believing chicks suck at cumming. Hey whatever lets you sleep at night right?