Stuff - A Chinese father and his two children had to be rescued after ascending Japan’s Mount Fuji with nothing more than a cup of water and a chocolate bar. This is the same father that rose to notoriety earlier this year after filming and forcing his four-year-old son to do press ups in the snow and sail alone. He Liesheng, or Eagle Dad, says he subjects his son to such activities in order to toughen him up because he was born premature. There was outcry over his former antics, with many saying his son He Yede, or Duoduo, should be taken into care. In this latest act, He Liesheng took his son and daughter to Japan, determined to climb Mount Fuji and make a political statement – that the Diaoyu Islands belong to China, the Daily Mail reported. When he was told that it was off-season and the 3776 metre mountain was not open, He Liesheng and his children reportedly climbed over the barrier and headed for the top. The strict father had only bought a cup of water and a chocolate bar, thinking there would be steps up the mountain and shops along the way. While he may not have reached the top of the mountain, He Liesheng did achieve something else – he and Duoduo were pictured on the mountain with a banner that read: ”The Diaoyu Islands belong to China,” before they started descending with the rangers’ help.

Say whatever you want about this guy and his parenting methods, but if you don’t respect climbing Mount Fuji with a sign that says “The Diaoyu Islands Belong To China” than you have a big dump in your pants. And I don’t want to tell our CIA how to run their business but if I were them I’d assassinate this little kid and I would assassinate him yesterday. Like China is already a big enough threat without this kid growing into some sort of super human communist killing machine that can’t be stopped.