I already blogged about Christian Ponder dating Samantha Steele a couple weeks ago.   Now it appears they are engaged….


3:56PM EST December 4. 2012 - ESPN’s Samantha Steele said on Tuesday she is engaged to Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder.  The college football host confirmed the news to Richard Deitsch of Sports Illustrated. Steele and Ponder began dating earlier this year after meeting on the set of College Gameday. Their relationship was a hot Internet rumor in the early part of the NFL season. Ponder confirmed the pairing in October after being asked about it by a fan on Twitter.


Rather then rewrite the blog I’m just reposting what I already said and that is that this is the greatest downgrade in the history of dating.  Samantha Steele is cute.  Kacie is fire.   Apples and oranges….





Ordinarily I’d be blabbing on about how lucky Christian Ponder is to be engaged to Samantha Steele blah, blah, blah. But not this time. Nope because this has to be the biggest downgrade in the history of downgrades. Like yeah Samantha Steele is pretty. But Ponders ex-girlfriend and former Barstool U hottest chick in the world Kacie is pure sex. It’s apples and and oranges really. It’s like driving the family Volvo vs. a Ferrari. The Volvo is a well built safe automobile, but you just can’t compare the two.