ITHACA, N.Y., Dec. 5 (UPI) Grass lawns brought indoors are helping students at Cornell University in New York deal with the stress of final exams, school officials said. The school’s Department of Design and Environmental Analysis has used sections of turf to creating grassy oases of calm in the lobbies of two libraries as well as two science buildings on campus, a university release reported Wednesday.”Being in touch with nature helps people be calmer, and they feel refreshed and productive,” school Administrator Eveline Ferretti said. The first indoor lawn was installed in the school’s Mann Library in the fall. “The library is the perfect place for it,” Ferretti said, noting “it’s great to see people willing to lay down in the grass and just relax there. The main goal is really to make people happy.” “We know from research that time spent in nature fosters diverse facets of our well-being, from cognitive function, to lower stress levels.


I bet people think I’m going to make fun of this shit. Nope. I fucking love laying in grass. Like I believe everything Cornell said about it relaxing people and improving cognitive function. Hell if I could buy a grass bed I would. That’s how much I love it. And it’s hard to find good grass nowadays too. Too many people pissing in it and shit in. Occupy wackos occupying it. But a good clean patch of grass? Well that shit is priceless. In fact if I ever sell Barstool for billions that may be my first move. Grassify my entire house. Done and done.