So Christmas is right around the corner. The First Lady celebrates both Hanukkah and Christmas even though I’m not 100% sure we’ve ever proved she has any Christianity in her, but she wants both sets of presents. Cant’s blame her I suppose. Anyway here is the thing about my wife which I got a feeling all chicks do. Whenever she wants me to buy her something she always says it’s either for her birthday or Christmas or whatever the next holiday is to justify it. So like she saw a jacket she liked in Nantucket a couple weeks ago and basically had me buy it for her under the guise that it’s her Christmas gift for this year.  She does this all the time. So by my calculations she is basically booked through 2038 at this point. I’m talking every Valentines Day, Anniversary, B-Day, Christmas is spoken for. Of course the only problem is I can’t not get her something for any of these holidays. Like I can’t sit there with my dick in my hand and be like “Oh remember those earrings I bought you 9 years ago. That was for Christmas 2012. Obviously you got to get something to be opened on the actual day. It’s fucking brilliant. It’s like a pyramid scheme that can’t lose. My question is whether my wife is the only one that pulls this shit or is this just build into the DNA of chicks?