EaterWhen a disgruntled Pigalle customer took to the restaurant’s Facebook page to complain publicly about her Thanksgiving meal rather than calling the restaurant or saying something while she was there, Pigalle bit back hard.  In a series of angry responses apparently from Chef/Owner Marc Orfaly, Pigalle opened up with a “hey sandy , go f*** your self! if you have any questions on how to proceed, please call me at 617 *** ****.” It only got better: Not content to let the exchange sit mostly unseen as a “Recent Posts by Others,” Pigalle posted its own separate message on the page addressed to “Pigalle fans” ranting about how “in this day and age there are still uneducated, unintelligent, unpolished human beings out there that still go out to eat.”


This Pigalle chef/owner is doing it all wrong.   This is what he should have said.

“Hey lady who the fuck goes to Pigalle on Thanksgiving?   What do you have no family or friends you loser?  Yeah no shit the food sucked.  That’s because I had my 9th string Haitian bus boy working the kitchen because everybody else was with family enjoying the holiday like normal people.  Just because you have a sad and pathetic life don’t get mad at us.    Keep posting shit on facebook on Thanksgiving.  I’m not even going to say anything mean because I just feel sad for your pathetic little life.  PS – You’re fat.



As a side note, I love that line about “if you had any clue about eating out”  she would have complained in real time.  That just struck me as funny.   Like somebody doesn’t know how to go out to a restaurant the right way.