BETHELA 46-year-old man and his 23-year-old daughter face sexual assault and other charges after police say they engaged in a sexual relationship that produced a son. Police began investigating the allegation of incest when Hartford’s former girlfriend complained to police that someone was trying to sell photos and videos of her and Hartford having sex, according to the arrest warrants. Sayers took the photos and shot the video with the consent of both women, the former girlfriend told police. The former girlfriend described Sayers as Hartford’s “husband/father,” according to the warrants. One relative, when asked about the relationship between Sayers and Hartford, told detectives: “Tiffany is his girlfriend, but we also think that she is his daughter,” the warrants say. When police asked Sayers his relationship to Hartford, he said she was a “friend,” but added that he had been told she might also be his daughter, though he didn’t believe it, according to the warrants. Questioned later about the video, Hartford acknowledged that before she became pregnant she aspired to be a porn star, according to the warrants. During their search, police recovered a CD labeled “Tiffany Love” that featured two minutes of pornographic images of Hartford shot within the Sayers house, the warrants say. The end credits say: “Producer: George L. Sayers Jr.” and “A Lollipop Incorporated Production,” according to the warrants.

Here is the thing about having incest. You got to keep it a secret. It’s rule #1 in the incest game. I think this guy thought just because he wears a kimono he could do whatever he wanted. That he was above the law. I mean the police talked to like 10 different people in this story and they all said without being pressed that these two were boyfriend/girlfriend and probably father/daughter too. It’s almost like that’s how they introduced themselves. “Hi I’m George this is my girlfriend Tiffany who also is my daughter and this is our love child…nice to meet you” Come on man you got to keep that shit on the down low. Act like a professional for once. This is day 1 incest stuff. Such a shame to because I don’t care what you say “A Lollipop Incorporated Production” is a fire name for a porn company.