-  A Bluffton Middle School teacher is accused of grabbing a student by his shirt collar, forcing him under a desk and telling him, “This is what the Nazis do to Jews,” according to the Bluffton Police Department. Patricia Mulholland, a social studies teacher at the school, was arrested at 5:45 a.m. today and charged with third-degree assault and battery, and public disorderly conduct, according to the Beaufort County Detention Center log. A seventh-grade student told authorities that as he returned to his seat from sharpening his pencil, Mulholland grabbed him by the collar and said, “Come here, Jew,” then dragged him 10 to 12 feet, according to an incident report. After forcing the student under the table, Mulholland said, “This is what the Nazis do to Jews,” according to the report, which added the student was not injured.

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