USA Today - There near the door sits the oldest (50 years old), tallest (6-feet-6, 230 pounds) and most muscular person in the room: Gabrielle Ludwig. The woman teammates call Gabbi, Giant or Big Sexy was born Robert John Ludwig in Germany three decades before any of them were a glimmer in their parents’ eyes. Few outside this room know it all comes back to that name. They don’t know she is 50 and last played a college basketball game in 1980 – as a man. “If the example I can set for the kids who are transgenders in high school, for the people who hate transgender people and for those learning to deal with transgenders, transsexuals, if they see me as a normal person and we are not the bogeyman and love life and raise kids just like you,” Ludwig says, “maybe some of this mystery of who these people are will be taken away and there can be more blending into society. People are afraid of what they don’t know. I am willing to put myself out there. It was not like that before. It was just about playing basketball. It’s about more because I see an injustice.”

I got to be honest. If I was a transgender and my goal was to get the general public to accept me and “see transgenders as normal people and not the bogeyman” I’m not sure the way I’d do it is by becoming the starting center on a college womens’ hoop team at age 50 looking like Greg Ostertag. Because that is EXACTLY how normal would start thinking I really am the Bogeyman. Like who is this HUGE bitch taking up the entire paint in this DIII college game? Oh don’t worry it’s just a dude who played DI hoop for Georgetown in 1980. What? And how in god’s name is this fair anyway? Big Sexy must be unstoppable.  Automatic double double waiting to happen.