KETV – Larry Spurling, 50, of Melbeta, pleaded no contest to disturbing the peace in connection with the incident that happened late Sunday. According to the arrest affidavit, Spurling’s wife called 911 and reported he pushed her down during an argument and rubbed a sandwich in her face. The woman told deputies that Spurling had become irate for “making him live in the county” and “being bored since there is no place for him to walk.” She said that the argument went on for some time, during which Spurling drank three 24-oz cans of Natty Daddy, a malt liquor with 8 percent alcohol content. The woman told deputies that she “got tired” of the argument and made herself a sandwich and went to a bedroom.Spurling followed her, according to the affidavit, pulled her hair, pushed her onto the bed and rubbed the sandwich on her face.The woman said she had mayonnaise in her hair and on her face as a result of the attack, but she cleaned herself up before deputies arrived.

I don’t care who you are or what you say. There is nobody on god’s green earth who can tell me that rubbing a sandwich in another human beings face is not a power move and a half because it is. In fact I’d argue it may be top 5 power moves on the planet. Just nothing more degrading than getting a peanut butter and jelly sandwich rubbed in your grillmix. Total gamechanger.

Now as far as how this guy says he is mad because his wife made him live in the country and now he has nowhere to walk as result? Well that just makes no sense whatsoever. That must have been the three Natty Daddy’s talking. Still doesn’t change the fact rubbing a sandwich in somebody’s face is one of the greatest power moves ever.