Huffpo – Police in Connecticut have arrested a woman for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old boy she was hired to babysit. Loni Bouchard, 20, of Clinton, located about 20 miles southeast of New Haven, was arrested on July 12 after investigators learned that she was having sexual relations with a boy she was hired to watch. Bouchard had been babysitting the teen for about six months, police said. She allegedly served him alcohol and, according to police, the two became involved in a consensual sexual relationship. When the mother of the boy learned of the incident, she contacted police. Authorities arrested Bouchard following a three month investigation into the allegations. The boy is not being identified because of his age. On July 29, Bouchard was arrested again and charged with another count of second degree sexual assault for allegedly assaulting a teen boy in nearby Southington, according to The Hartford Courant. Police in Clinton and Southington did not immediately return calls for comment today, so it remains unclear if the charges in Southington involve the same 14-year-old boy.

I’ve never understood this shit. How can it be sexual assault when a teenage boy bangs an older chick?  Maybe if this chick was huge and overpowered this kid, but she’s hot.   So obviously this was consensual.  It just sends the wrong message to sluts everywhere.  That somehow it’s not okay to fuck whoever you want whenever you want. Is that what this country is about?  IListen it’s not rape. It’s not assault. It’s the American dream. Like what kid doesn’t want to fuck their babysitter? Did she force him to fuck? No. Did she force him to drink? No. He spit some game at her and she fucking bought it. No need for Johnny Law to get involved. Just tip your cap and move on. Kid’s a gangsta. That’s it. End of story.