Sun-Sentinal - On Monday night around 11:00 p.m., a vodka-infused Lonnie Wilkerson had reportedly left a home and was riding his horse down a road when the horse suddenly bucked him, according to a news release from the Levy County Sheriff’s Office. The 64-year-old Chiefland man, who was armed with a 40-caliber pistol, allegedly became enraged and began to fire bullets aimed at the horse.Fortunately for the horse, Wilkerson was no sharpshooter and missed the horse completely, according to the release.

See this is why I hate humans. This poor horse is minding his own business. His asshole drunk owner decides he’s going to take him for a spin and falls off like a dickhead. So what does this redneck dude do? Starts shooting at the horse. Such a cocksucker move. That’s why in any animal vs. human dispute I always side with the animal. Always. Cue the horse kicking the drunk asshole in the face video.