SANTA ANA ( A Santa Ana man on Friday faced false imprisonment and other charges for allegedly trying to kidnap a 10-year-old boy. Police responded to a call shortly before 7:30 p.m. on Thursday from Delhi Park at 505 E. Central stating that a soccer coach was unsuccessfully attempting to detain 55-year-old suspect Victor Joseph Espinoza. When officers arrived, the 425-pound Espinoza had escaped. He was located by helicopter shortly afterward hiding in a backyard on the 500 block of E. Central.Espinoza – who police said is a documented gang member – was taken into custody without incident, but he had minor injuries from his contact with the soccer coach.

As a rule I don’t make fun of Mexican gang members. It’s my experience that only leads to trouble. But if I were to make fun of Mr. Espinoza I’d probably reference his giganto neck. Or maybe how he is manhandling whatever that thing is that he’s trying to wear. But in this case I wont for personal safety reasons.