Dailymail - A truck driver who slipped and fell on ice and grease while making a delivery to a Wal-Mart store in northern Colorado can collect a nearly $10 million award after the state Supreme Court upheld a jury verdict in the case on Monday. The driver, 41-year-old Holly Averyt of Cheyenne, Wyo., had to undergo three spine surgeries and was unable to return to work and lost her truck. Her lawyers presented city documents during the original trial that showed some grease from the store’s deli didn’t get trapped in a device designed to keep it from getting into the sewer. A jury awarded $15 million to Averyt in November 2010: $5.5 million for non-economic losses, $4.5 million for economic losses and $5 million for physical impairment.

I’m so confused by this story. Like is this lady standing up? I think she is. Can that be possible? I mean if you collect 10 million for falling down on a grease spot you better be paralyzed as fuck and have breathing tubes coming out of your vagina and shit. Not just standing there smiling for the cameras. I don’t care how many spinal surgeries she had. Shit you could cut my cock off for 10 million. Seriously who was defending Walmart? They got to be the worst lawyers in the world. Like since when does being an uncoordinated fat chick get you 10 mil? To quote Don King…Only in America!

PS – How arrogant is that lawyer on the right?   That’s the ultimate “I just sued you for 10 million and won” face if I’ve ever seen it.  Just smug as shit.