BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT)A woman from Myrtle Beach told 911 dispatchers she would pull over for deputies for $300,000, according to a news release from the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office. At the time, the woman was being chased by deputies through Supply. “I have a contact with you guys if you want to go ahead and declare a false sense of emergency – it’s $300,000 per incident,” the woman told the 911 operator a the beginning of a nearly 10 minute call. “I need to make sure you guys are willing to pay the fee that you already owe before Dep. Joe Cherry is the deputy, who managed to arrest Herring. Cherry told that Herring is what is known as a “sovereign citizen.” He said running into sovereign citizens is a growing problem for law enforcement. “I’m not running from this cop,” Herring told 911. “I’m doing 40 mph with this cop behind me with his siren on acting like a moron. Can you please let him know to turn it off because I’m not running.” Herring repeatedly told the 911 operator that the officers trying to pull her over were creating a “false sense of emergency” and that she wasn’t going to stop driving because she wasn’t speeding. “No, I’m not pulling over because pulling over is voluntary I’m not doing nothing wrong,” Herring told 911. “Are you ready to pay the $300,000? That’s all I want to know. If you want to pay the $300,000 then I’ll pull over. That’s my offer – $300,000. That’s my offer, I’m asking you to accept it.” At the end of the 911 call, Herring refuses to give the operator her full name when asked. “My mother named me Jenna and that’s the only name I have. That is my name. My name is what I say it is and I approve this message,” she told the operator.

By far the most confusing part of this entire story is that the cop who arrested this crazy bitch is seemingly legitimizing her claim of being a sovereign citizen. Like he says “running into sovereign citizens is a growing problem for law enforcement?” Huh? What does that even mean? What the fuck is a sovereign citizen? Am I a sovereign citizen? Can you just yell out “Sovereign Citizen” and you don’t have to listen to anybody anymore? Kind of like yelling shotgun for the front seat? Very confusing. Almost makes me think the cops ended up paying this bitch the 300K she was demanding. “Like we had her right up till she declared herself Sovereign and then we were fucked. Pay her the money.