SALISBURY (CBS)Police say a man who works as a clown, jumped into a tractor-trailer nude in Rowley and asked the truck driver if he wanted to have sex. According to state police, James Vosolo, 46, of Danvers, was arrested after the driver faked interest and suggested they meet at another rest stop in Seabrook, N.H. The driver called police and told them what was happening. Vosolo is employed by Total Entertainment in Danvers, a company that provides tents, inflatable bounce houses and performers, according to their Website. Police say they attempted to pull Vosolo over along I-95 but as they did, he threw items out of his car window. Police believe the items were narcotics but they have not recovered them.When police caught up with him, he was wearing only thong underwear. When searching Vosolo’s car, they found several sex toys, Halloween masks and head lamps.

Two things. First of all give this naked clown credit. He’s got some big old gay brass balls. Like of all the places to proposition a dude for sex a truck stop would probably be my last choice. I just feel like jumping into a tractor trailer naked will get your ass beat to near death 99% of the time. Unless there is some underground gay community in trucking that I don’t know about. #2 how about the truck driver who set up the sting operation? A regular Citizen Kane. I mean if some naked clown asks me to fuck him I’d just be like “No Thanks” and go on my merry way. Not this guy. Sets up a whole elaborate trap for him. I guess society owes him a debt of gratitude for getting this naked clown off the streets?

PS – The naked clown had to know he was being set up right? It’s like those to Catch a Predator specials. You know you shouldn’t go, but you can’t control yourself.