Bostonherald - While crazed con Neil Sylvester hid from the cameras in court yesterday, his ex-girlfriend was hiding from him after authorities say the Lowell man ripped out two steel rods surgically implanted in his hand and mailed them to the frightened woman as a “token” of his love. The 43-year-old Sylvester is accused of tearing out two steel rods surgically implanted in his hand and mailing them to his ex-girlfriend from his prison cell “as a token of his love.” The pins were put in after he punched a courthouse wall in response to his ex-girlfriend slapping him with a restraining order. He also sent her a letter along with the blood-spattered pins, according to court records, which read: “Holy Crap. Can you belve (sic) I pulled these out? I love & miss you soooo much. Please except these as a token of my love. He He.”

Everybody has been sending me this story. Do people expect me to shit on this guy? What do you think I’m fucking crazy? This dude is from Lowell. That’s like 45 minutes away. I don’t care whether he’s in jail or not. I say the wrong thing and this guy could show up at Stool HQ’s one day. No thanks. He’s all wrong for Davey Pageviews,baby. I don’t need no man like that in my life. So let me say this loud and clear. Neil Sylvester seems like an upstanding citizen and his girlfriend is nuts for not taking him back.  Seriously good luck finding somebody else who will rip steel rods out of their hands as a show of devotion. No chance.  Even Nicholas Sparks couldn’t dream up something that romantic. Team Neil Sylvester 4 life.