FAIRFIELD, CT (WFSB)A man from Fairfield is under arrest after an investigation showed he abused and stole money from his grandmother over an extended period of time. Police said Hernandez, who in April resided with his elderly grandmother in Fairfield, physically and emotionally abused her over a period of time. The initial report of Hernandez’s actions were reported to Fairfield police by an employee of a local bank. That person notified officers that more than $20,000 had been taken from the woman’s account by Hernandez over a period of five months. The employee wanted officers to perform a welfare check. After an investigation it was learned that Hernandez assaulted his grandmother by pushing a shopping cart into her, knocking her into a wall at a Stop & Shop causing injuries. In addition, Hernandez took her car without permission, leaving the injured 82-year-old woman to walk to a friends house.

What am I missing here?  Like if I live with my 82 year old grandmother you better believe I’m spending her life savings. Why else would I be living with her? Certainly not for conversation. Seriously there isn’t one old person on the planet who wouldn’t make this trade with their grandson in a nanosecond. Hey come live with me and I’ll give you all my money. It’s an absolute no brainer. So I have no idea how this qualifies as abuse. Sure he shouldn’t have pushed the shopping cart into her, but are you kidding me with taking the car without permission? Umm grammy shouldn’t be fucking driving anyway. To quote LT…this kid was set up like a motherfucker….So if I were him I’d be crying my dick off too.