LAWRENCEAn 86-year-old township man has been indicted by a grand jury for three separate instances where he allegedly inappropriately touched women. The grand jury handed down the latest indictment of Charles Deaton on Friday. He has two other cases of alleged criminal sexual contact pending in Superior Court. The latest charges stem from an incident where Deaton allegedly touched the breasts of an employee at the Macy’s store in the Quaker Bridge Mall on July 23. In November, Deaton, of Ivy Glen Lane, was charged for touching the breast and buttocks of a 30-year-old neighbor with whom he was acquainted, prosecutors said. He was charged again for an incident on January 28 where he allegedly touched an 18-year-old employee of McGrath’s Pharmacy on Lawrence Road. He allegedly touched her chest, made an inappropriate comment and gave her a hug. When she pulled away he touched her breast again, police said.

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