Asia NewsMr. Bapat filed for divorce after his wife, Prerna, had refused to give him children, thus insisting that he use condoms when the couple had sex. Mrs. Bapat cited the couple’s unstable financial situation as her reason for not wanting to get pregnant. Pradeep and Prerna entered an arranged marriage in February 2007. By June of that same year, Mrs. Bapat had already moved out. Mr. Bapat’s lawyer told the court that his client wanted a woman who was educated, who had a good job, but also who would do all the housework. Justice Majmudar, one of the High Court judges overseeing the case, responded, “A woman is not a slave.” In court, Mr. Bapat listed a host of other complaints about his marriage, including a lack of cooking and cleaning skills on Mrs. Bapat’s part.

I’m so confused by this story. This is India we’re talking about? In India they are saying women aren’t slaves? For real? Like I expect this type of nonsense from KO Barstool, but in India? I mean if you can’t treat a woman like a slave in India than where can you? And since when did Indian women start using condoms anyway? Is this new? Umm your country has 9 badzillionmillion people. A little late to be getting in the condom game don’t you think?

As a side note if the First Lady told me to use a condom I’d divorce her on the spot. Like if I want to wear a condom I’ll go fuck some Barstool groupie. There are very few benefits of being married/in a relationship but fucking bareback is one of em.